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Society Needs Discipline Health Protoco; Ahead of the Nataru Holiday


By: Raditya Rahman)*
Reflecting on past experience, long holidays are a risky period due to the increasing transmission of the Corona virus. The public is also asked to always maintain discipline in carrying out health protocols (Prokes) which must be maintained ahead of the Christmas and New Year (Nataru) holidays.
The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) encourages managers of tourist destinations and recreational parks to remain disciplined in implementing the Health Protocol (prokes) and the PeduliLindung application ahead of the 2022 Christmas and New Year holidays as a preventive measure so that the next wave of Covid-19 does not occur.
Fadjar Hutomo, Deputy for Industry and Investment at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, said that during the Nataru holiday, don’t let this momentum trigger new cases. He appealed to us to make sure that we both keep this nation together so that the pandemic does not continue.
Currently, he said, that Indonesia had succeeded in controlling the spread of Covid-19, one of which was by remaining disciplined in implementing strict procedures and using the PeduliLindung application. Of course, this needs to be maintained so that there is no Covid-19 wave like that experienced by other countries.
Fadjar Hutomo also explained that the use of the PeduliLindung application is only a tool for testing (early examination), tracing (tracking) and treatment (treatment). The main thing is the commitment of all parties to continue to implement the health protocol.
Control over health and economic growth, as in the case of opening a business, of course must be balanced like driving. Understand when to step on the gas and when to hit the brakes.
On a different occasion, the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Menko Marves), Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, asked the public to be disciplined in implementing health protocols (prokes).
According to Circular (SE) Number 16 of 2021, the steps that must be taken are 6M, namely wearing masks, washing hands with soap and running water, maintaining distance, staying away from crowds, reducing mobility and avoiding eating together. Luhut said it was very important to implement the prokes to anticipate a spike in Covid-19 cases ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays.
We need to know, based on the survey results of the Research and Development Agency (Balitbang) of the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub), the mobility of people for the Java-Bali region who will travel is predicted to increase by around 19.9 million while for Jabodetabek around 4.45 million.
He also added that President Joko Widodo had previously asked to formulate strategies and take policies, so that there would not be an increase in mobility due to the Nataru holiday. Luhut also mentioned the obligation of PCR tests for air transportation modes which caused polemics in the community. He said that the obligation was intended to balance the relaxation that was applied, especially in the tourism sector.
On a different occasion, the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) proposed that the year-end holiday in December be abolished. The proposal has now been submitted to the central government. If not granted, at least trimmed. The Regional Secretary (Sekda) of DIY Kadarmanta Baskara Aji said, DIY is one of the favorite destinations for tourists to spend the year-end holidays. The momentum of the year-end holidays will usually be many people who travel or go home.
Aji said that the policy of eliminating holidays is needed, especially since there are already predictions of a third wave. Epidemiologists estimate that it will occur in December 2021 or January 2022. Although currently the transmission has slowed down, the potential for an explosion of cases could happen again.
The proposal also received a response from the Deputy Chairperson of the DIY DPRD, Huda Tri Yudiana, who considered that the proposal was a form of caution from the DIY Regional Government. Of course, this precautionary measure is considered to be able to prevent outbreak conditions, the condition of increasing cases as in previous years. He also believes that the elimination of year-end holidays will have an impact on reducing community mobility.
However, the government also needs to look at the situation and conditions, lest the tightening of the Corona virus make business actors from the tourism world bite their fingers. Health protocols are a fixed price to break the chain of transmission of the Corona virus. Don’t let your guard down just because the number of covid patients in the hospital is decreasing. Of course, vigilance must be maintained so that the Corona virus disappears soon.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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