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Depapre Papua Community Leader: If Corruption Is Proven, Lukas Enembe Must Follow Existing Laws


Jayapura, CIDISS.CO – Jayapura Regency Depapre community figure in Papua, Nikolas Demetouw, said Papua Governor Lukas Enembe must follow existing laws if proven guilty. In Indonesia there are laws and laws that regulate if something is wrong or not. If you feel right, you don’t need to be afraid of facing the applicable law.
This was conveyed by Nikolas Demetouw when interviewed by Matoa TV in Jayapura Papua, Tuesday 22/11/2022.

Depapre community leader Nikolas Demetouw said that although currently the KPK has conducted investigations of the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, this has gone through quite a lengthy process, in which Lukas Enembe has twice failed to respond to KPK summons regarding the legal case that ensnared him.

According to Nikolas Demetouw, governor Lukas Enembe’s stance was wrong because he was absent twice from the KPK summons. If Lukas Enembe really feels innocent, Lukas Enembe should have the courage to face the KPK so that it doesn’t cause unrest among the people, especially the Papuan people.

The State of Indonesia has its own law, not customary law, so governor Lukas Enembe must follow the law in force in Indonesia because the mistake made by Lukas Enembe has nothing to do with customary law but the law that applies in government and in this country, yes, the Corruption Eradication Commission as a law enforcement tool, said Nicholas.

In Indonesia, no one is above the law, whoever he is and whatever his position is, he follows the applicable law so that the law governs everything without selective logging, said the Depapre Jayapura Community Leader.

Nikolas Demetouw asked the Papuan people not to be provoked by the case that ensnared the governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe. On the other hand, we ask the Governor not to cause this problem to become a riot, if we can arrange peace, if you can immediately summon the Corruption Eradication Commission, you will immediately give an explanation so that it is between the father and the law. So the people live in harmony with the mountains, the beach, all in one. Not because of this problem, Papua has become chaotic and not good for the name of Papua as a whole, said Nikolas.

“So we have to live in harmony. We shouldn’t bring this problem up – bring all these problems into a big problem. We all have to be peaceful, there is no need for conflict between us and us. If he makes a mistake, he will be the one who will face the law,” concluded Nikolas.

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