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Deputy Manpower Visit to PT GNI Evidence of Normal Conditions and Guaranteed Security


Morowali Utara – The Deputy Minister of Manpower ( Wamenaker ) of the Republic of Indonesia paid a working visit to PT. Gunbusters Nickel Industry (GNI). The Deputy Manpower ‘s visit means that the government is concerned about employment and conditions at PT GNI are normal and work activities at the company are as usual.

Minister of Manpower (Menaker) Ida Fauziyah delegated Wamenaker Afriansyah Noor to go directly to the field after the incident at PT GNI in North Morowali. Afriansyah was given the task of following up on the agreement between PT GNI’s management and the workers. The Wamenaker arrived in North Morowali Thursday 19/1/2023.

Meanwhile, the Commander of the Morowali and North Morowali Kodim Lt. Col. Infantry Constantinus Rusmanto said that the security situation in the business area and around PT. Gunbusters Nickle Industry (GNI) in Bunta Village , Petasia Timur District, North Morowali Regency, has been conducive and it can be seen that all the activities of both TKA and TKI workers and the local community are normal as usual every day.

The atmosphere at PT.GNI, which is already conducive and normal, is important to inform the public so that no one else is worried and afraid, let alone planning to leave the workplace, security is well guaranteed,” said Dandim Letkol Infantry Constantine Rusmanto.

In a different location, Deputy Chief of Regional Police for Central Sulawesi, Brigadier General Herry Santoso, has ensured that the company’s operations and community activities in North Morowali have returned to normal.

The National Police have added security personnel to PT. GNI and ready to deploy additional personnel from outside Central Sulawesi if still needed. “That way, conditions in North Morowali and PT. GNI are certain to be normal and the people are also carrying out their daily activities with a sense of security and comfort,” said the Deputy Chief of Police for Central Sulawesi.

The same thing was conveyed by the HRGA Manager of PT.GNI Muknis Basri Assegaf, according to him, with the alertness of the apparatus at that time, they were able to quickly control the situation, and now conditions have returned to normal and workers, both foreign workers and migrant workers, have carried out their work regularly again.

The situation and conditions at PT. GNI is back to normal and the operational activities of the workers are back to normal, they have harmoniously carried out and completed their work with full responsibility, they have mixed in with all the foreign workers and their workers , said Muknis Basri Assegaf.

Meanwhile, for information, PT. GNI is a part of Indonesia’s national strategic project in the downstream sector minerba , which invested around 3 billion US dollars or around IDR 40 trillion to build a smelter processing of nickel into ferronickel and various nickel-based finished goods products.

The company will build 14+1 production lines with a capacity of 1.9 million tons of ferronickel per year , and now one smelter is operating and two are still in the construction process which absorb around 11 thousand Indonesian workers and 1,300 foreign workers. In addition, a power plant with a capacity of 1,115 MW and a material stacking pier that can accommodate 9×5000 DWt barges and 2X50,000 dwt tonnage vessels will also be built . All of these projects are expected to absorb around 20,000 workers and 90 percent are taken from Indonesian workers where the priority is given to the Morowali community.

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