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Wulanderi Mori Indigenous People ‘s Institution Ensures that North Morowali’s Condition Has Recovered


Wulanderi Indigenous Peoples ‘ Institution Mori Julius Pode said that currently the situation has recovered, meaning PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (PT GNI) has resumed operations, employees have started working, economic actors have worked where stalls have been opened and all the people have returned to their activities and are running well.

Wulanderi Indigenous Peoples ‘ Institution, Mori Julius Pode , when asked about the condition after the incident at PT. GNI in North Mowowali , Friday 20/1/2023.

Julius Pode gives his greatest appreciation to the TNI and Polri who have been able to create and handle the situation so that it can be as conducive as it is at this time and I hope that a situation like this will not happen again because in the end it will destroy us all.

Thank you to the security forces who have maintained conduciveness so that PT.GNI’s justice can run and make a big contribution to our regional income, said the Chairperson of the Indigenous Peoples ‘ Institution, Wulanderi Mori.

What is certain is that it is not customary for the Mori people to burn, steal, cause trouble, and demonstrate. Once again, we convey that the Mori people love peace in the Republic of Indonesia, said Julius Pode .

Especially the Mori people in North Morowali where the Mori people love peace, we welcome everyone who comes to Mori’s land with open arms and brotherhood. Collaborate and work together in accordance with Mori customs, said Julius.

Meanwhile, looking at the incidents that occurred at PT. GNI, I saw that there were unilateral provocations from irresponsible people who wanted to destroy the presence of the business world, investments that provide foreign exchange to our country, said Julius Pode .

With this incident, it became a lesson for all of us, how to present a conducive business world in our area that is shared between PT.GNI , the community and the Government.

For this reason, it is necessary to fix the things that are still lacking from PT GNI so that they can be even better and can respect one another, added Julius Pode .

That way, his party supports and welcomes the presence of PT.GNI in North Morowali district, especially in Bunta village . With the entry of PT. GNI, it made a large contribution which was felt by the community, starting from the level of economic welfare of the community which increased as indicated by the presence of restaurants, kiosks, lodging and boarding houses . All of these have contributed and provided employment for the people of North Morowali Regency and other regencies, explained Julius Pode .

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