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Reject Everything Obstructive Provocation Invest and Disrupt Peace PT GNI employees


By : Putri Dewi Nathania )*

Whole party must work same for refuse with assertive all shape potential provocation _ hinder smoothness climate invest as well as bother intertwined the peace of the workers at PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI). Situation must truly keep it going Becomes conducive and safe , even including from adventurers _ politics can _ just riding issues in North Morowali for interest them . Society should no easy hooked with news outstanding negatives and still are not yet clear the truth .

The management of PT GNI has open voice regarding happening incident clash on one facility company in North Morowali , Central Sulawesi on Saturday , January 14 , 2023 evening then . Party company very concerned _ on incident clashes that caused two people to die , one of which from that victim are Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI).

PT GNI stated that incident that started from a action demonstration however ends chaos and clashes that actually no only will impact on the company only , but also will felt by society around . So from that , the investigation has also been carried out by parties company together with officers _ enforcer law .

alertness of the officers security consisting _ on personnel combined The Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) and the Indonesian National Police ( Polri ) are also participating appreciated . Condition can return conducive and normal because alertness apparatus security in secure situation . Besides that , party police in the investigation has set 17 people to be suspect on elicited case _ loss for all party including material loss , immaterial until fall of the victim .

More further , PT GNI hopes that all Public can more withhold yourself and think with clear , mainly when accept all shape circulating information _ widely on social media , in particular when there is news in nature still intersection siur because that all potentially for lead to misunderstanding and confusion .

No only that , party the company also invites whole element Public for can synergize guard continuity climate safe and comfortable investment . _ this _ because when created a climate a sound investment , then will give benefit no only for interest company only , but also for Public around and to the country.

Temporary that , Regent North Morowali , Delis Julkasson hey state that he is very sorry exists incident clashes at PT GNI. He also criticized with hard exists suspected action _ triggered provocateur from party outside , that is expected of course on purpose have other agendas.

Delis Julkasson Hehi also ask to Camat Petasia Timur and all Head Village local for can gather its citizens and give directions for them no easy hooked with exists provocation carried out by unscrupulous persons _ want to damage union and oneness as well as situation lasting harmony _ this has intertwined in society .

According to Regent Morut the , actually whole the people there also refused provocation circulating on social media nor in shape whatever . Even he add that Public North Morowali is also the same very no once question exists worker foreigners working at PT GNI .

In fact , provocations and issues are circulating wide it is very possible carried out by various unscrupulous people , including adventurers political because now already enter year politics , which of course will there is potency from person the for look for sympathizers from society and then riding a number of issue , incl PT GNI issue .

Also advised _ whole society so as not to easy follow all exclamation action demonstrations , moreover if Thing the only started from a still news _ not yet clear will the truth . Workers and society too must can more alert when find a solicitation for do demonstration because can so that all precisely driven by interests political specific purpose _ for bother the peace of the workers alone .

Temporary that , the Chairperson of the North Morowali Community Early Awareness Forum (FKDM) and Chair of the Deliberative Council Between Church , Heritage Kandori hope so all party can do evaluation to be able to prevent repetition incident riot at PT GNI. According to him , the people in Morut really responded positive existence investment because capable give enhancement economy .

On the other hand, Chief General of the Wita Mori Customary Council , Siwadarman Tamanampi disclose that himself with assertive refuse whole action violence and anarchism as well as provocation made by a number person mainly workers _ when they want do a settlement problem .

All possible thing _ potentially for annoying climate investment and peace whole Public until workers at PT GNI must with assertive rejected . Also included is solicitation action demonstration or provocation in shape whatever . This is very detrimental for all party , even no close possibility happen riding issue that the adventurers did politics for the sake of interest them . So from that vigilance must truly owned by all party .

)* Writer is Perkasa Media Institute contributors

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