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PT GNI Holds Social Activities as a Form of Concern and Strengthens Harmony between TKI and TKA


North Morowali – PT. Gunbusters Nickel Industry (GNI) and PT. Stardust Estate Investments (SEI) provided assistance in the form of food to several orphanages in Kolonodale City , Petasia District, North Morowali Regency Friday (20/1).

The assistance was in the form of 320 egg racks, 160 sacks of rice, 160 cartons of milk, 160 bottles of coconut oil, 160 cartons of snacks and 160 packages of raw crackers. The aid was distributed to two orphanages, namely the LKSA Raudhatul Fitrah and the Alesintowe orphanage .

The provision of this assistance is in accordance with the directions of North Morowali Regent Delis Julkarson Hehi , that the presence of investors in North Morowali Regency must be able to contribute to the welfare of the community.

Assistance was handed over directly by Jiang Chao as Head of Public Relations Department of PT GNI accompanied by the Site Coordinator of PT. Stardust Estate Investment (SEI), Mirza at the Alesintowe Orphanage and to the Raudhatul Fitrah Child Welfare Institution (LKSA).

“Through this assistance, we hope it will benefit all the children who are in this orphanage,” said Jiang Chao through Mister Lim’s translator before the administrators of the Alesintowe orphanage .

jiang Chao said that in the future the company PT GNI is ready to help the two orphanages if they need it. Currently there are 4,500 PT GNI workers who are native to North Morowali Regency, for this reason PT GNI will work together to recruit new employees from the orphanage and prioritize them in recruitment.

” In the future we will contract, for example, what are the difficulties at this orphanage, just make a proposal and we are ready to help. We are also ready to employ them when they are ready to work,” he explained.

Head of North Morowali District Social Service, Drs. Yospid Labangara said that this assistance was a real form of PT. GNI towards the community, especially orphans in the City of Kolonodale

He appreciated the assistance provided by PT. this GNI. He also hopes that the assistance provided can be put to good use and activities like this can continue to be carried out by PT. GNI on an ongoing basis.

“Representing the Regional Government of North Morowali, we really appreciate what PT. this GNI. Hopefully the assistance received can be put to good use by the orphanage. In the future , we hope that activities like this can continue to be carried out by PT. GNI on an ongoing basis,” he said.

Alesintowe orphanage , Fikson Lakawa expressed his gratitude to PT GNI for paying attention to the children at the orphanage as a concern for the community. He also hopes that in the future this assistance can be carried out continuously by the company. The Alesintowe orphanage currently cares for 38 children, consisting of 26 girls and 12 boys.

“We Alesintowe management would like to thank you for this assistance. Our hope is that later our high school students who graduate will be accepted to work at PT GNI,” he said.

The same thing was said by the caretaker of LKSA Raudhatul Fitrah, Ustad Darwis. His party expressed their deepest gratitude to PT GNI which has cared for the people around it including the LKSA it cares for.

“Hopefully this assistance can be useful for children and hopefully in the future the GNI company will pay more attention to the community, especially in the institutions we care for, moreover it can be of benefit to underprivileged families,” he concluded.

Apart from providing assistance to orphanages, PT GNI and SEI also held a number of interesting competitions to enliven the 2023 Chinese New Year celebrations, which took place behind the PT GNI PLTU, Saturday (21/1).

The activities held were a 10-person race, a hulahoop relay race , a flour relay, and a lucky draw ( door race). prize ). The competition was attended by 500 TKA and TKI.

“This activity is a form of brotherhood, togetherness, and gratitude for the company and its employees, both local workers and foreign workers. To maintain harmony and strengthen each other,” said Head of Department Public PT GNI Relations , Jiang Chao .

This competition was also attended by the Head of North Morowali Police AKBP Imam Wijayanto, Deputy Head of North Morowali Police Commissioner Alfian, Head of Department Smelters Mr. Bai, and Head of Contracting Department Mr. Liu.

The activities to celebrate the momentum of the 2023 Chinese New Year ended at 16.50 WITA, running smoothly, safely and conducively.

A number of activities carried out by PT GNI aim to create a safe situation after the conflict that occurred on 14 January. With these activities that have been carried out, it is hoped that the situation in North Morowali, especially at PT GNI, will continue to be conducive and the company’s operations will return to normal. In addition, it is hoped that the working relationship between TKI and TKA will also be harmonious and peaceful again, so that the past events do not happen again. Therefore, all parties, including TKI and TKA, should not be easily provoked by groups that do not want this country to develop and be peaceful.

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