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Visit PT GNI, Deputy Manpower Invites Community to Maintain Conducive Investment Climate


North Morowali — The Deputy Minister of Manpower ( Wamenaker ) pushed for the best solution to end the conflict that occurred between the PT GNI company and its employees after clashes a few days ago. According to him, this can help accelerate the national economic recovery.

Deputy Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), Afriansyah Noor visited PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI) in person at Bunta Village , Petasia Timur District, North Morowali Regency on Thursday (19/1).

He said that the visit he made was related to a riot that had occurred between employees at the company on Saturday (14/1) which resulted in 2 fatalities and a lot of material losses. The visit was accompanied by a number of top officials from BIN Headquarters, the National Police, and the Ministry of Manpower .

The Wamenaker said that with this meeting, it was hoped that they would be able to find the best solution and be able to become a middle ground between the interests of the workers and PT GNI itself.

“This meeting is expected to find a good solution by listening to information between the management and the workers, so that there is good industrial relations between the two parties,” he said.

Not only that, but he also hoped that the meeting that took place would be able to further accelerate the national economic recovery after the COVID -19 pandemic.

“This meeting is expected to find the best solution so that in early 2023 Indonesia will be more successful, get up faster and recover stronger after the Covid -19 pandemic,” said the Vice Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia.

Furthermore, Afriansyah revealed that all parties must be able to continue to maintain investment in North Morowali so that it continues and continues well and is able to continue to prosper the community.

He also said that so far PT GNI’s management had been very open in accepting all suggestions and improvements that had been submitted by the Ministry of Manpower ( Kemenaker ), especially regarding efforts to restore industrial relations in the company.

On the same occasion, the Regent of North Morowali, Delis J Hehi , who accompanied the Wamenaker during the visit, also gave directions to all parties to immediately find the best solution after the clashes that occurred.

Regent of Morut also admitted that he was very optimistic that the recovery process would soon occur so that the company’s operations could recover soon.

“I am very optimistic that there will soon be a recovery so that the company’s operations can recover soon,” said Delis.

He added that so far the company’s operations have returned to normal, although in the area of PT GNI itself, security forces consisting of the TNI and Polri must still be guarded.

For information, previously, the Deputy Manpower had held a closed meeting with the Directors of PT GNI led by Yanita Rahagukguk . Then after holding the closed meeting, he also saw first hand the location of the riot and had a chance to hold dialogue with a number of TKI and TKA from China.

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