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Structural Reforms in the Job Creation Perppu Boost the National Economy


Jakarta — The government continues to strive to be able to maintain economic stability, amidst global uncertainty in 2023. The existence of structural reforms to the Job Creation Perppu was able to increase the national economy to become more positive.

Therefore, according to the Deputy Minister of Manpower (Wamenaker), Afriansyah Noor stated that Perppu Number 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation signed by President Jokowi was able to create stability regarding workers and wages.

In a discussion event organized by the Moya Institute, he hoped that the Job Creation Perppu could continue to be a support for future law products.

According to him, Indonesia still really needs to create quality jobs with an ever-increasing number of workforce. Moreover, since being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increasing number of unemployed people.

“Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic so that more and more people are experiencing unemployment. Therefore, it is important to issue the Job Creation Perppu,” said the Deputy Manpower.

Meanwhile, Professor of Business Law at Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Prof. Nindyo Pramono also explained that the Job Creation Perppu was indeed formed because there were compelling juridical interests and exigencies.

According to him, the existence of this regulation is an anticipatory effort made by the Government of Indonesia in providing legal certainty related to job creation.

Of course, this legal certainty is highly valued positively by investors, especially with the structural reforms that have been carried out.

“The data has also shown that with the existence of the Ciptaker Law, investors responded very positively to this, because it is an effort by the government to carry out structural reforms,” ​​said Prof. Nindyo.

Furthermore, the UGM academic added that indeed all this time related to business licenses in Indonesia is still quite complicated, but since the Ciptaker Law came into force, everything has been trimmed.

“Because so far before the Ciptaker Law was passed, there were many permits in Indonesia that were too complicated, but now we can get it in less than 1 day,” he explained.

On the same occasion, Political Observer and Postgraduate Lecturer at Pelita Harapan University, Dr. Emrus Sihombing considers that the existence of these regulations is able to build optimism in employment.

Not only that, but he also added that the existence of the Job Creation Perppu had a significant impact on economic growth in the country in the future.

The entire process of issuing the Job Creation Perppu has also gone through a process of absorbing public aspirations.

“We have absorbed a lot from the public regarding the issuance of this Perppu Cipta Kerja. the process of absorbing aspirations has been carried out entirely, and not just conveying them, but instead conducting discussions,” said Emrus.

Emrus explained that the Job Creation Perppu has many benefits, including that it will be able to change the structure of society and add to the middle class society.

“So automatically within a certain period of time there will be an increase in the structure of society in the middle class, with a decrease in lower class society,” he concluded.

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