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BIN Humanitarian Post Promotes Trauma Healing, To Eliminate Earthquake Traumatic


Cianjur – After the 5.6 magnitude earthquake that rocked Cianjur Regency, West Java, some time ago, aftershocks are still being felt by the community. Aftershocks with a magnitude of 2.8 again rocked the Cianjur and surrounding areas on Saturday (26/11) early morning.

The effects of the earthquake not only caused damage to buildings, but also caused fatalities and trauma for residents of Cianjur Regency, this trauma was not only experienced by adults but also children.

To get rid of the trauma experienced by the earthquake victims, the BIN Humanitarian Post collaborated with Mojang Jajaka to provide trauma healing treatment which this time focused on children affected by the earthquake, at the BIN Post in Ceherang Village, Pacet District, Saturday (26/11 ).

Mojang Jajaka’s facilitator, Dewi, said that traumatic feelings for children need to be removed gradually. This is because they have not been able to control their emotions and thoughts, plus the aftershocks that are still happening.

“Children are very vulnerable to trauma, so we need to rebuild their self-confidence,” said Dewi.

Trauma healing is carried out with a variety of interesting games, singing together and learning to communicate with each other. Children are invited to manage their emotions positively so that the negative impact of trauma can be eliminated.

It was seen that the children were very enthusiastic about the activity. For this reason, trauma healing needs to continue to be carried out so that it can encourage recovery for victims, especially children so that they do not become prolonged traumas that affect their growth and development.

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