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BIN Invites Trauma Healing Team to Raise Spirit and Mentality of Cianjur Earthquake Victims


Cianjur – Recovery of the victim’s condition both physically and psychologically is BIN’s main concern in handling the Cianjur earthquake. The Binda Jabar trauma healing team was again deployed to restore the psychological condition of the victims, especially the children at the Disaster Post RW.07 Kp. Kutawetan Ds. Mangunkerta Kec. Mangun Kab. Cianjur.

The leader of the Trauma Healing team as well as Chair of the Akasia Foundation, Teh Ummy Latifah held a Story Telling about Help Help, to 30 children who were victims of the Cianjur earthquake.

“We try to make the children independent, so they don’t experience trauma from the earthquake,” said Teh Ummy,

The Trauma Healing activity was continued with singing together, sharing stories, and correspondence from SD Al Amanah to children who were victims of the earthquake. Children get emotional support. So that it can foster a sense of sharing, gratitude and mutual affection under any circumstances.

In addition, counseling efforts were made to victims in order to gradually reduce the feeling of trauma for both children and parents. In addition, counseling services aim to enable victims of natural disasters to develop independent personal abilities in dealing with disasters that befall them and to be able to control themselves from negative things.

The BIN trauma healing team is trying to ascertain the psychological condition of the Cianjur earthquake victims by conducting door to door counseling services. So that it is hoped that it will increase the enthusiasm and self-confidence of the people in recovering from the Cianjur earthquake disaster.

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