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MI BIN Health Service, Positively Welcomed by Cianjur Earthquake Victims


After the Cianjur earthquake, there are still areas that have not been reached by adequate health services. This is related to the cut off road access and the lack of accommodation facilities for the community.

In response to this, the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) is committed to providing door to door health services for Cianjur earthquake victims. The service was provided by BIN’s Medical Intelligence (MI) Team for earthquake victims in Pameungpeuk Village, Cijedil, Kex Cigunang, Cianjur Regency.

Head of the BIN Medical Intelligence Doctor Team, dr. Sri Wulandari said the presence of the MI BIN medical team was to help earthquake victims who had limited access to health facilities.

“We see that apart from needing support to meet basic logistical problems, the victims have health-related problems. For that, we are here through door to door,” said dr. Wulan.

In order to anticipate the possible level of vulnerability to the victim’s health, the MI BIN Team also alerted an ambulance unit along with 2 doctors and 7 trained medical personnel. In addition, supporting drugs are also provided so that people do not have to worry and worry about ongoing treatment.

MI BIN’s door to door health service received a positive response from the people affected by the Cianjur earthquake. The community is greatly assisted considering that health services are currently difficult to obtain, especially in areas that cannot be reached by the health team.

Head of Cijedil Village, Puhidin appreciated the door to door health services provided by MI BIN. He hopes that the reach of these services can continue to be increased, bearing in mind that there are still villages where the health team has not been able to visit.

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