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Beware of the Potential Spike in Covid-19 Cases


By: Denny Indrayana )*

We should be aware of the surge in Corona patients which could trigger a third wave of attacks, which is predicted to emerge at the end of this year. For prevention, it must increase vaccination and remain disciplined in obeying health protocols.

We have been living in this pandemic for almost 2 years and the signs are starting to appear. First, there are no longer areas with red zone status and level 4 PPKM. Second, the number of Corona patients is decreasing, less than 500 people per day in November 2021 (according to data from the Covid-19 task force team). In addition, the infection rate is only 0.4

% and the number of patients who died was also less than 3%.

However, this safe situation should not make us careless because there is the potential for a third wave of Corona attacks. This has been predicted by epidemiologists, because usually when the patient curve decreases, it is likely to rise again. Especially if you look in the mirror last year, when there was a second wave of Covid attacks after the year-end holidays.

Nataru holidays (Christmas and New Years) used to be fun but during a pandemic it could turn into a disaster, because it reaped new Corona patients. The reason is, many are desperate to take a vacation and do not comply with health protocols. Even though we know that during holidays mobility increases, and that can also trigger an increase in Covid cases in Indonesia.

We should be aware of the potential for a third wave of attacks, especially before the Nataru holiday there has been an increase in traffic jams. The reason is the loosening of the PPKM and no more insulation, and it is replaced with an odd-even rule.

Coordinating Minister for Humanities Luhut B Pandjaitan advised the public to be aware of the increase in mobility, which has the potential to increase the spike in Corona cases. Moreover, there are a number of districts or cities in Java and Bali whose Covid vaccination rates have not yet reached the target.

According to Google Mobility, the increase in citizen mobility has increased by 6%. This increase is mainly in shops, malls, cafes, and restaurants, because they are allowed to provide dine-in places even with strict Prokes. Moreover, in areas affected by PPKM levels 1 and 2, they are allowed to enter the mall without having to show a vaccine certificate or Care Protect application.

Don’t let the increase in mobility and Nataru’s vacation make us finally get Corona together, because we are desperate to travel without being vaccinated first and don’t heed Prokes. Vaccination is an obligation, let alone free of charge by the government. By being injected with the Covid-19 vaccine, in addition to increasing endurance, it also reduces the transmission of Corona to your beloved family.

If you really want a vacation, because tourism is starting to open, you must obey the Prokes. To be more secure, use a private vehicle because it can keep the distance between passengers. So it shouldn’t be mixed up in the car like it used to be, but the maximum capacity is 50%. Wear a mask even in the car and use hand sanitizer every 1-2 hours.

In addition, also obey other Prokes such as keeping your distance and avoiding crowds. When resting when tired on the toll road, choose a quiet rest area or get away from the crowd of other visitors. During lunch time it is also safer to eat lunch than eating at the foodcourt rest area, because if you dine in you have to remove your mask, and there is the potential for droplet transmission from OTG.

Vigilance must be increased before the Nataru holiday and must tighten Prokes, because we don’t want to be right after traveling by Corona, right? Obeying the Prokes is very easy because for almost 2 years we are used to wearing masks and obeying other points. Get vaccinated to make your immune system stronger.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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