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Erick Thohir is a Public Choice Favorite PSSI leader candidate


Jakarta — Ahead of the holding of the Extraordinary Congress (KLB) of the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI), Indonesian football observer Tommy Welly also spoke about the popularity of Erick Thohir as one of the candidates for the general chairman of PSSI.

The football observer revealed that so far from the point of view of the public and the media, the favorite is the name Erick Thohir as a strong candidate for the next chairman of PSSI.

“So from the point of view of the public and the media, Erick Thohir is the favorite and tomorrow the winner will be determined with each of his strengths,” said Tommy in a discussion on television stations on Wednesday (15/2)

Not without reason, because the Minister of BUMN is considered to have extensive relations even at the international level.

Because he once served as President of Inter Milan and at the same time has a strong affinity with the President of FIFA.

“Erick Thohir has very strong international relations because he once owned Inter Milan, and international relations with the FIFA president also show a strong closeness, which can be a factor of that advantage,” said Tommy Welly.

It is known that there will indeed be elections for a number of management at PSSI, starting from the determination of the General Chair, Deputy General Chair to the Executive Committee (Exco) which will be held on Thursday (16/2).

Through social media owned by a number of candidates, the candidates expressed their vision and mission, including several contestants who conveyed their vision and mission in the discussion room.

There is one mission that is shared by a number of candidates, namely they promise to be able to rid PSSI of the existence of the football mafia.

Responding to this, Tommy Welly stated that indeed a number of visions and missions should not just become discourse, but must be carried out in a concrete form.

Furthermore, the man who is familiarly called Bung Towel added that indeed the management must really only consist of clean people.

The football observer added that if you want to bring Indonesian football to a better direction, then indeed the holding of an KLB should not only be seen as a place to replace the general chairman.

Instead, said Bung Towel, one must really pay attention to the quality of the administrators.

In addition, it has become a standard criterion in selecting PSSI leaders, namely that someone who is able to prioritize the organization first.

With priority on managing the organization, the resulting products such as competition, achievements and progress of the National Team will also follow.

“The point is we have to be able to choose the best leader, and of course there must be priority, that is, a leader who can prioritize the organization first, when that’s done, then the products such as the National Team and competition will also improve,” concluded Bung Towel.

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