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Government Speeds Up Vaccination Ahead of Christmas and New Year (Nataru) Celebration


By: Alfisyah Dianasari)*

The government continues to speed up vaccinations, so that the situation ahead of the Nataru holiday is safe and under control. Vaccination is also accelerated in order to achieve herd immunity, so that we can end the pandemic period as soon as possible.

Before the pandemic, Christmas and New Year’s holidays (Nataru) were an exciting time. The children cheered because they were invited to travel or just eat lunch in the city park. However, the pandemic has wreaked havoc, because tourism is closed and we are advised to stay at home alone, because outside the home there is a lot of potential for Corona transmission.

During this month the situation is relatively safe because there are no areas with red zone status or PPKM level 4. The number of Corona patients has decreased dramatically. If 4 months ago there were 50,000 people per day, then in October-November this is ‘only’ 600 people per day. Therefore, tourism may be opened again, especially in areas with PPKM levels 1 and 2.

Coordinating Minister for Humanities Luhut B Pandjaitan stated that ahead of the Nataru holiday, vaccination would be accelerated, especially for the elderly. Acceleration of vaccination is prioritized in agglomeration areas and economic centers. In a sense, vaccination is protection when tourism reopens on the Nataru holiday. Of course, with a note that you must comply with health protocols.

Why should you vaccinate the elderly? The reason is because we look in the mirror from Singapore, where there is an increase in Covid-19 cases and it turns out that the cause is because there are still many elderly people who have not received vaccinations. Don’t let the third wave of Corona attack happen in Indonesia, because many elderly people don’t get their right to be vaccinated.

Vaccination for the elderly can be carried out using a door to door system so that those who are in their old age do not have to heat up on the bus to get to the vaccination site. If health workers visit housing, villages, or nursing homes, the elderly just sit and queue for injections. So in this way all the elderly can be vaccinated.

Ahead of Nataru’s holiday, vaccination is the main preparation, because if someone has been injected then he has high immunity and is not easily infected with Corona. Tourist attractions can also require incoming guests to show a vaccine card or scan in the Peduli Protect application. This will minimize the spread of Corona in the tourist arena.

In addition, the management of tourist attractions and their employees must also have been vaccinated. So that local communal immunity is formed there, and visitors will feel safe, because they do not come into contact with OTG. This way they can safely spend Nataru’s holiday.

Vaccinations are also encouraged in the agglomeration areas because people usually visit places that are close, aka neighboring cities. If there is an increase in mobility, vaccination becomes a shield, so that when many come into contact on toll roads or rest areas, they are not afraid of getting Corona.

Don’t forget to also maintain the 10M health protocol while on vacation, and don’t take your mask off even if you’re in the car. In fact, what is required is to wear a double mask to strengthen filtration. Don’t forget to also bring hand sanitizer and maintain proper distance, and minimize contact with unknown people.

Vaccination and the 10M procedure are mandatory because we don’t want a third wave of Corona attacks in Indonesia. Don’t let the holiday turn into a disaster because of the increase in covid patients at the beginning of 2022.

The government is boosting vaccination, especially for the elderly, so that they are not exposed to the risk of being infected with the COVID-19 virus. Vaccination is also a protection during Nataru’s holiday. So that we can vacation in peace and safety.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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