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Indonesia’s Covid-19 Vaccination Exceeds WHO’s Target


By: Savira Ayu)*

The Government of Indonesia should be appreciated for administering vaccinations very well, even exceeding the target of the WHO. The implementation of vaccination is indeed accelerated so that group immunity is formed, so that we can be free of Corona as soon as possible.

The pandemic has turned human life upside down. The effect is felt, not only in Indonesia but also throughout the world. The global economic crisis can occur due to the decline in people’s purchasing power, and almost all groups of people are affected. However, the pandemic can be ended if everyone has been vaccinated, because group immunity is formed.

Indonesia is one of the fastest countries in carrying out vaccinations, when compared to other countries in the Southeast Asian region. At the end of 2020, the Sinovac vaccine was ordered and the national vaccination program began in March 2021. People also flocked to register for vaccinations because they wanted to be free of Corona as soon as possible.

The government’s agility in carrying out vaccinations has paid off. Spokesman for the Covid Handling Task Force, Prof. Wiku Adisasmit, stated that the implementation of Corona vaccination in Indonesia exceeded the WHO target, which was more than 40%, and all of them had been injected twice. This is very good because we can be free from the pandemic period as soon as possible, because the condition is that at least 75% of people in one area have been vaccinated.

If more than 40% are vaccinated, it means that almost half of Indonesian citizens have been injected, in just 8 months. Indeed, the Ministry of Health targets the national vaccination program to be completed within 18 months, and it is not impossible that this target will be completed sooner. The reason is because the injection target is raised again.

If the Ministry of Health targets that there are 1 million Corona vaccination injections in Indonesia, then it will be increased again to 2 million, even 2.3 million. The increase in this target is considered reasonable because vaccination must catch up with time. Logically, the more people who are vaccinated, the less will get Corona, so that the pandemic can end and we are no longer afraid of the Covid-19 virus.

To achieve the target of 2.3 million injections per day, the implementation of vaccination with a new strategy. In the past, injections were only carried out in public health centers or large hospitals, now they are also carried out en masse. For example in the field, in the hall of a school or university, the village office, even in a shopping center.

Mass vaccinations are carried out with strict procedures so that there is social distancing and when queuing while sitting, the seats are also arranged so that they are slightly apart. Everyone from the organizers to the vaccination participants wore masks and washed their hands. All this is done so as not to create a new cluster.

To attract people who want to be vaccinated, the organizing committee often offers prizes, which can be in the form of basic necessities, milk, and even vouchers. This prize was given because there are people who are still afraid to get vaccinated, but if there is a door prize then those who love freebies will be happy to come.

In addition to mass vaccination, door to door vaccination is also carried out, to support the achievement of vaccination targets by the government. So it is the officers who come to the community, to villages, housing, to schools. A car was prepared with health workers and of course boxes containing vaccines, which were ready to be injected with sterile needles.

The government is trying hard to shorten the national vaccination target, from 18 months to 12 months. Currently the target is almost half achieved, so it will still be boosted. So that more and more people will get their right to be vaccinated and will not be terrorized by Corona transmission (of course by obeying Prokes).

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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