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Papuan Traditional Leaders Proud of Cendrawasih Earth to Have PYCH


By : Timothy Gobay )*

Papuan traditional leaders appreciate and support the existence of the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) in Papua. The building is believed to be a new civilization for young Papuans which will make the Land of Papua more developed and prosperous.

The chairman of the Port Numbay Indigenous Peoples’ Institute (LMA), Ondoafi George A. Awi, expressed his gratitude to President Joko Widodo for his efforts to take Papua in a more advanced direction through the development of PYCH. He believes the building will accommodate all Papuan children, for them to be able to express their creations and talents.

George A. Awi admitted that he had toured all parts of the PYCH building, as well as witnessed the self-development activities of young Papuans, as well as seen preparations for the inauguration of the PYCH building by President Joko Widodo. According to him, the presence of seven customary territories in Papua in the PYCH building is representative and very proud. 

George A. Awi also expressed his gratitude to the Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Budi Gunawan for fostering young Papuans. Inspiring Young Papua (PMI) is an organization fostered by BIN to become the driving force for Papua’s progress. He also invited all young Papuans to take advantage of the PYCH building because it has facilities that support self-development. He also invited the public to support all work programs launched by PMI.

In the same vein, the Secretary of the Port Numbay LMA, Eddy Ohoiwutun also emphasized that the role of the Regional Government in Papua is very much needed so that the younger generation can take advantage of the buildings built with traditional nuances. Not to forget, Eddy also expressed his gratitude to the Head of BIN Budi Gunawan for his support for young Papuans. 

This is very much needed so that the existence of the PYCH building can be a place to build a new civilization for young people in the Land of Papua, to prepare the future for the younger generation as expected by their parents, Ondoafi, of course also the hope of the country.

At the PYCH building located in Jayapura, Papuan youths will carry out various programs to contribute to the welfare of the Papuan people. They will collaborate with various parties, develop themselves and continue to be the engine of human resource development for young people in Cenderawasih Earth.

This building has facilities to support the development of young people in the Land of Papua in various fields, including  culinary, hospitality , research, technology, entrepreneurship, creative industries, digital, education and literacy, health, beauty, culture to language.

The PYCH building consists of the main building, dormitory building, landscaping, sports field, utility building, parking and guard post. The architectural design of the roof of the main building was inspired by the traditional houses of the people of Jayapura and Wamena City, namely the Honai roof and the Kariwari roof.

This building is a means of the government to realize the welfare of the people in the Land of Papua. This is in accordance with Presidential Instruction Number 9 of 2020 concerning the Acceleration of Welfare Development in Papua and West Papua Provinces.

*) The author is a Papuan student living in Gorontalo

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