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Public Policy Observer Agus Pambagio: The 2023 ASEAN Summit Will Become an Event for Promotion of Local MSMEs at the International Level


Jakarta – Indonesia is taking advantage of the Chair of the 2023 ASEAN Summit which will be held in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), on 9-11 May 2023 to showcase a variety of the best works of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Public Policy Observer Agus Pambagio said that economic growth will come if the Government is keen to revive MSMEs in the area around the location of the 2023 ASEAN Summit.

“Economic growth will come, such as selling souvenirs or souvenirs, or providing accommodation and lodging services for delegates,” said Agus.

As is known, apart from the 42nd ASEAN Summit, there will also be an ASEAN Leaders’ Interface with ASEAN-BAC which will become a forum for dialogue between the government and the private sector in the Southeast Asian region.

In addition, the Labuan Bajo Flores Tourism Authority Executing Agency (BPOPLBF) has also prepared 1,156 rooms from 22 hotels and resorts in Labuan Bajo as accommodation for delegates and the national committee of the ASEAN Summit Summit.

The government has also trained 112 Labuan Bajo MSMEs in conducting digital marketing and tourism village marketing accompanied by Bank Indonesia. These MSMEs are spread across several districts, one of which is West Manggarai.

Agus hopes that Indonesia’s role as Chair of ASEAN can benefit and provide benefits for the Indonesian people themselves.

“Indonesia must take control of ASEAN, because in ASEAN itself there are still some problems,” Agus hoped.

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