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Without Community Support, the Corona Virus Spread Chain will Continue to Happen


By: Cintya Dewi ( Citizen of Tangerang City)

The government is implementing a number of programs to prevent the widespread impact of a pandemic which requires support from all ministries / agencies as well as from community participation. It is necessary to strengthen each other in the face of the Covid-19 Pandemic . 

Public support for the Government is equally important, especially for health workers to keep fighting spirit at the forefront of handling Corona Virus patients.

Community support is also needed to regenerate new hope for patients who have recovered from Covid-19. Including the enthusiasm of the patients who recovered from Covid-19 itself, so that the community can participate in providing support so that they can return to their normal activities without any negative stigma.

Head of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Lieutenant General ( Lieutenant ) TNI Doni Monardo, said that accelerating the handling of the Corona Virus requires the participation of all parties. Therefore, complying with health protocols by carrying out the 3M program, namely washing hands, using masks, and maintaining a safe distance is one concrete step to break the chain of spread.

In addition, clerical leaders, community leaders or anyone else can postpone any form of activity that has the potential to cause crowds to violate health protocols. Community support is the most important thing in handling Covid-19. Therefore, joint efforts are needed in adapting to behavior change during the Covid-19 pandemic as recommended by the government.

In addition, to reduce the number of Covid-19 cases if you look at the current conditions, the cooperation of all elements of society is needed to really implement the ban on crowds. It is also important for leaders in the regions to be firm in implementing and disseminating the discipline of health protocols, because the discipline of health processes for the government is part of protecting the Indonesian people.

Good cooperation between the government and the community in overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic will have a positive impact on the acceleration of the recovery of the entire life sector in Indonesia, including the social, community, health, education, and economic sectors.

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