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Erick Thohir Leads the Transformation of Indonesian Football


Jakarta – SOE Minister Erick Thohir is the most ideal figure capable of leading the transformation of football in Indonesia with a wealth of proven experience. He is very capable of eradicating the mafia that has been mushrooming in PSSI.

Currently, the world of football in Indonesia really needs a figure who is able to lead very well, even able to change several arrangements and has experience in the world of football. The figure of this person will certainly be a very suitable figure to lead the football organization in the country, PSSI.

Apparently, not a few parties consider that the ideal figure as described is in Erick Thohir, which he really needs to be able to transform the world of Indonesian football. The reason is, this man is someone who can be said to really understand because he has indeed been involved in and owned a soccer club even at the international level.

One of the transformations that is very important and something that is needed at PSSI is the commitment and capacity of the leaders to be able to eradicate the football mafia in Indonesia, which indeed the existence of these mafias greatly hinders the progress of sports, especially football in the country.

There is no need to doubt Erick Thohir’s success as well as his own capacity because during his tenure as Minister of SOEs, he has even proven capable of being a clean leader and also able to eradicate mafia in institutions like the Ministry of SOEs.

By having a track record in eradicating the mafia at the Ministry of SOEs, the name of the former Inter Milan President has managed to continue to get support to become the next PSSI Chair through the holding of an Extraordinary Congress (KLB) this February.

It was not half-hearted, Erick Thohir even managed to get support from many parties starting from the voice put forward by the Chairperson of the Bangka Belitung Provincial Association (Asprov), Mintradjaya. He stated that he would greatly support Erick Thohir’s progress to become the General Chair of PSSI in the 2023 to 2027 period.

Furthermore, Mintradjaya added that the BUMN Minister was indeed a person who did have the capacity and had long experience in the world of sports, especially football, so he was considered very suitable to lead PSSI.

Indeed, many already know that Erick Thohir is a person with capacity. He once had a world-class football club like Inter Milan and is also a person who really understands the world of football. Therefore, it is a strong reason that Erick Thohir really deserves to be the General Chair of PSSI.

Not only that, but in fact the Minister of SOEs also has a fairly close relationship with the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino and also has quite close relationships with several sponsors. Of course, all that Erick Thohir has in his capacity will be very helpful in terms of the development of national football.

Ketua Asprov Bangka Belitung itu kembali menambahkan bahwa sosok seperti Erick Thohir memang telah memiliki segudang pengalaman dalam dunia sepak bola. Bahkan pengalaman yang sudah jelas terbukti yang dimiliki olehnya tidaknhanya sekedar dalam taraf kecil saja, melainkan merupakan mantan pemilik klub sepak bola kelas dunia, yakni Inter Milan FC dan juga D.C United.

In fact, now the Minister in the era of RI President Joko Widodo’s Cabinet also still holds two large shares of club ownership at home and abroad, namely a club called Oxford United which has indeed been officially acquired by Erick Thohir with as much as 51 percent of total share ownership. . Meanwhile, he also has a football club in the country, which is the owner of a portion of shares in Persis Solo. With so many reports and cases that have continued to tarnish the name of PSSI so far related to the proliferation of the football mafia in sports organizations in Indonesia, now PSSI really needs someone who can lead well and bring a more advanced direction in terms of transforming the world of Indonesian football. This figure is of course in Erick Thohir.

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