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Appreciate the Formation of the IKN Transition Team


President Jokowi has formed the National Capital Transition Team (IKN) which will be led by the Head of the IKN Authority. The community appreciates the formation of the team so that the IKN transfer process can be realized immediately.

Soon the people of Indonesia will witness the shift of the capital city from Jakarta to East Kalimantan. This transfer of course requires very thorough preparation and requires people who are experts in their fields, so that later IKN development will run smoothly. Therefore, the government formed an IKN transition team.

There are various tasks carried out by the IKN transition team. This task has a legal umbrella, namely the Decree of the Minister of State Secretary number 105 of 2023. First, the IKN transition team is required to consolidate the procurement of programs or activities carried out by ministries and institutions as well as the IKN authorities for preparation, development, and transfer.

The community appreciates the formation of the IKN transition team. The reason is because apart from their very heavy duty, this team also consists of experts in their fields. The chairman is definitely the Head of the IKN Authority, namely Bambang Susantono, an expert in the field of urban transportation and infrastructure. Meanwhile, his deputy, Dhony Rahajoe, is a property entrepreneur who understands the construction of buildings.

The task of the IKN transition team does not play around because preparing for the relocation of the capital city is certainly very difficult. When the capital city moves to East Kalimantan, it is necessary to think about what percentage of DKI Jakarta government employees and Ministry employees were transferred there? If everything is moved, then it is necessary to think about the settlement of ASN, the letters of mutation, and so on.

Then for the construction of IKN it also takes time because it cannot be established in just a few months. In the development of IKN, areas that were previously untouched by modernity can be ‘conjured’ into an ultra-modern capital city. This requires energy, thought, and creativity from urban planning experts, architects, and so on.

The community appreciates the formation of the IKN transition team because they prepare for the transfer carefully. First of all, even though this transfer was official and according to the President’s order, the transition team still prioritized politeness by asking permission from the native people of Borneo. They are natives there and the team planned to get to know each other better.

Then, the IKN transition team also considered the area to be the state capital, because not all of them were state land. By staying in touch with traditional elders in Borneo, they give their blessing. So there are some customary lands that are given voluntarily to the government as IKN areas.

The IKN transition team also ensures that the construction of the Presidential Palace and other buildings runs smoothly. Therefore, all project workers are continuously monitored so that they can be completed on time. Work must be in accordance with the target because the schedule for the transfer of IKN and its inauguration must also be on time. If you are delayed, you will lose money and time.

Thus, it is very natural for the community to appreciate the formation of the IKN transition team because their task is very heavy, because they are required to make careful planning, coordinate transfers, and build new areas. Teams have to move fast but stay accurate. So that the national capital becomes an ultra-modern and proud area.

The IKN transition team consists of experts in their fields and on their shoulders is a big responsibility to make the nation’s capital city (Penajam Paser Utara) much better than DKI Jakarta. With the existence of this team, the acceleration of IKN transfer can be carried out immediately.

Deka Prawira, Author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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