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Beware of Action WE Rode Nation -Divide Demonstrations


By: Dodik Prasetyo ) *

Gatot Nurmantyo as OUR presidium openly supports labor demonstrations to reject the omnibus law. Even though the public is very tired with the episodes of protests that never end. However WE even provoked a demonstration, and forgot about our promise to save Indonesia.

The labor demonstration on October 6-8 was horrendous because it was attended by thousands of workers. After 3 days of protesting, there were still more follow-up demonstrations on 13 October. Even though the perpetrators are different, they reveal the same thing, namely rejecting the omnibus law. People in Jakarta and other areas are getting more and more dizzy because mobility within the city is disrupted.

WE, through his presidium, Gatot Nurmantyo, expressed support for the demonstration. On the grounds that the people need to be defended and the omnibus law is not compatible with Indonesia. Even though they may be lazy to read 900 sheets of articles in the Law and are only consumed by hoaxes about the omnibus law that are widely spread on social media.

OUR support for the demonstration demonstrates their mode of dividing the unity in Indonesia. It is clear that the omnibus law is beneficial for the economic sector, but it is bad news. They are also paranoid of foreign investa . Whereas investment requires a minimum share ownership of 51% for local entrepreneurs, so it is not a new model of colonialism.

The demonstration also showed the omnbus law which was not approved by the workers. In fact, the article in dispute does not exist in the law. The existence of imitation articles such as the elimination of the right to leave is only fake news that is deliberately created to incite the people. OUR members spread the hoax and made it an excuse to support the demonstration.

There is also US incitement for workers to demonstrate again, by raising the issue of foreign workers. They accuse the government of not being nationalist. In fact, foreign workers who enter Indonesia must be strictly selected. They are the innate employees of the investors who will explain how the new tools work in the factory. Because most of them use Mandarin, not English.

WE create chaos by provoking the people. In a demonstration, if there are officers who act a little harshly, they don’t do it first. Unless attacked, then defend yourself. However WE show that the apparatus is not pro-people. So that they make the people seem to be pitted against the authorities, even though the police are only completing their tasks.

Boni Hargens, Executive Director of the LPI and a senior political observer, stated that KA MI is indeed an opposition organization that continues to use issues to incite the people. After failing with the communist issue last September, this October they went viral on the issue of the omnibus law. The incitement will continue to appear until their wish is fulfilled.

What is OUR main desire to provoke the people to demonstrate? Of course he wants to be President. When they can’t wait for the presidential election in 2024, or don’t have a supporting party, they are determined to commit treason. Since the beginning, US members have indeed planned the impeachment of the President. But unfortunately it is done for subjective reasons.

Incitement to divide the people is indeed one scenario of treason. If many people sympathize with US, they will join the demonstration on the grounds of rejecting the omnibus law. The people are influenced that the government no longer thinks about their fate. Then just want to be invited to a demonstration. It is also said that people who dare to demonstrate are heroes.

This is evident from the conversation in the WA group of US members. They plan to provide logistics to the demonstrators on October 13. Also directs the flow of protests to the presidential palace. It seems that they want to continue the plan to change the president since 2019.

Don’t let any more people be influenced by OUR incitement and want to be invited to demonstrate. Look first at the reasons for protesting. Do not just come along and follow it only with the lure of packaged rice and cash. WE clearly want to destroy the peace, and as good citizens, we must not be easily provoked .

) * The author is a contributor to the Indonesian Strategic Information Studies Institute (LSISI)

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