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Beware of Acute Hepatitis by Obeying Prokes and Living Clean


By: Aulia Hawa )*

The public is advised to be aware of acute hepatitis, because the majority of its victims are children. To prevent the transmission of acute hepatitis, the public is obliged to live a healthy and clean lifestyle and obey health protocols (prokes).

The pandemic has not been declared over but the community still has to face one more disease, namely acute hepatitis. The cause of this new type of hepatitis is unknown because the government is still conducting a virus panel research to find out. The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined the spread of mysterious acute hepatitis with an outbreak status (extraordinary event) and this disease has spread to dozens of countries, including Indonesia.

So how to prevent acute hepatitis? The Bandung City Health Office issued a circular containing ways to prevent this dangerous disease. First, by making sure the food is cooked and clean, not close to sick people, and not changing eating utensils. In a sense, reduce the intensity of eating out properly because you don’t know about its cleanliness and maturity.

By eating at home or bringing lunch, it is definitely hygienic and cooked properly. It also avoids borrowing cutlery. If someone borrows a bowl or other cutlery, wash it with hot water for hygiene. It will be more tired but it must be done to prevent transmission of acute hepatitis.

Second, the public is advised to follow the news about acute hepatitis, both from newspapers and online media. By updating the news, you will understand how to handle it. If there are relatives or neighbors who are sick with hepatitis, they are immediately taken to the nearest hospital.

The characteristics of acute hepatitis must also be memorized so that it can be handled optimally. The patient is usually jaundiced (even the whites of his eyes are also yellow), frequent nausea, diarrhea, and convulsions, and even decreased consciousness. If this is the case, then you must immediately be rushed to the Emergency Unit to get help from health workers.

A clean and healthy way of living and obeying health procedures is also a way of preventing the transmission of acute hepatitis. Diligently washing hands will avoid germs, bacteria, and viruses that carry the mysterious acute hepatitis. Also bring hand sanitizer so you can clean your hands without having to look for a sink.

Other health protocols must also be adhered to, such as wearing masks. It turns out that masks not only prevent transmission of Corona, but also other diseases such as acute hepatitis. If you cover your mouth and nose, you won’t get any viruses. But keep in mind that masks are used for a maximum of 4 hours, so when traveling you must bring a spare mask.

Other procedures such as maintaining distance and avoiding crowds must also be adhered to. The reason is because we do not know among the people in the crowd who has been infected with the mysterious hepatitis virus. Moreover, if many are not wearing masks, the risk of transmission will be even greater.
Living clean and healthy should be a lifestyle even though the pandemic is over. The reason is because a clean and healthy lifestyle will avoid Corona, acute hepatitis, or other diseases. Stay diligent in eating vegetables and fruit, drinking water, and exercising lightly every day.

The public must be aware of the mysterious acute hepatitis disease that is spreading throughout the world. If there are family members who are affected by the above symptoms, they must be rushed to the hospital immediately. In addition, to prevent this disease, it is mandatory to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle, wear masks, and obey other health protocols. With mutual vigilance, it is hoped that no one will become a victim.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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