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Don’t Get Off guard from Corona


Pandemics still hit the whole world. People are asked not to be complacent and feel safe from corona. Don’t be negligent in the slightest and hold a get-together event and turn out to make a new corona cluster. Maintain health protocols and increase immunity.

The world has been rocked by the Covid-19 pandemic since the beginning of 2020. After more than 12 months, the Indonesian people are tired of wondering how long this condition will end. Some of them are still adamant about wearing masks when they are outside the home, but unfortunately some of them have started to get lazy and violate health protocols.

Even though violations of health protocols are very dangerous because corona can lurk from anywhere. President Jokowi advised the public to remain vigilant against the transmission of the covid-19 virus. Even though there is a national vaccination program and the imposition of restrictions on community activities (PPKM micro), we must not be careless at all.

President Jokowi added that the curve for covid patients was somewhat sloping because the number of people who had recovered had increased while the new corona patients had decreased somewhat. But society still has to be careful. Don’t be complacent and don’t feel safe because the situation is under control. We must not underestimate the covid-19 virus.

President Jokowi’s message is a form of full attention to all Indonesian citizens. Because he saw the facts for himself when he was blusukan, there were still some who wore masks but their position was drooping, so they didn’t protect the nose. Even though the mask must be worn properly so that the mouth and nose are not exposed to droplets from OTG.

In addition, the decline in the number of corona patients is indeed good news, but the numbers are still worrying. According to data from the Covid Task Force Team, the number of corona patients reaches 4,115 people per day, and this is data as of May 1, 2021. If this number of patients is certainly worrying because there could be more OTGs.

OTG is what we should be aware of because its characteristics are not very visible physically. When he was sick, suddenly he dropped and when he was tested for a swab he caught corona. If his immunity is not good, especially if he has comorbids, then he can be threatened with the highest risk, namely death.

Actually, we don’t have to be too suspicious that many people become OTG because we might even be people without symptoms. As a form of protection, we should take the initiative and carry out a swab test because the results are more accurate than the rapid test, even though the price is more expensive.

When the results are negative for Covid, then don’t be overly euphoric. Health protocols are still mandatory and don’t forget to always wash your hands with antiseptic soap and bring hand sanitizers when traveling. Try to bring your own cutlery and when forced to break the fast outside, find a restaurant that adheres to health protocols and there are gaps between diners.

Likewise with post vaccination. Don’t just think about being injected, then lazily wearing a mask. Vaccines do increase immunity against corona, but herd immunity has not been formed, so the pandemic situation is not over. Stick to wearing a mask, either cloth or disposable. Besides, the price is also cheap and easy to find even in convenience stores.

In addition to complying with health protocols, keep your body and the environment hygienic and, if necessary, spray disinfectant after mopping the house. While in the office, also spray the liquid on tables, chairs, and cubicle walls to keep it safe from all viruses and bacteria. Nowadays, disinfectants are increasingly easy to find in online shops. Don’t get tired of fighting corona and stick to health protocols. We must not be negligent and lazy about wearing masks, because the global pandemic is not over. Keep your distance, avoid crowds, and wash your hands diligently. (Aditya Akbar)

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