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DPR RI Ready to Hold P20 And Invite All Parties to Succeed P20


Indonesia is ready to lead the 8th G20 Parliamentary Speaker Summit (P20) event which will be held on 5-7 October 2022 in Jakarta as part of a series of G20 Summits in Bali. The leadership of the DPR RI today checked the final preparations for the implementation of The 8th G20 Parliamentary Speaker Summit (P20) which will be held next Wednesday.

“This is a special moment because Indonesia has never hosted the P20, so we must ensure that all delegates and guests who will come feel comfortable when participating in this event,” said the Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives in his press statement at the DPR Building, Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta.

The chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives also had time to try to drive the Hyundai Ionic 5, an electric car that will be used as a vehicle for the P20 delegation. As a form of Indonesia’s commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) which are on the world agenda.

“The use of electric cars is in line with one of the main themes that will be discussed in the P20, namely sustainable development and a green economy. The DPR wants to show commitment that Indonesia is serious in reducing emissions, therefore the DPR leadership appeals to all parties to participate in the success of this event for the good name of the nation, he said.

According to him, at the P20 event, the turtle building will be one of the concerns of the delegates where in each P20 agenda it will be held in the parliament building of the host. It can also be used to introduce the history of the turtle building.

“The P20 tradition is always held in the host parliament building. The Turtle Building was chosen as the main location because we wanted to show the delegation about the history of this building,” said Puan

“The implementation of P20 will be a momentum for Indonesia to bring the Turtle Building more worldwide,” continued Puan

Later the delegates will plant trees which will be a symbol of P20’s support for achieving sustainable development goals. The DPR will also demonstrate concrete actions by providing examples of practices for changing energy use, including the Solar Power Plant (PLTS) which was built to meet the additional electricity needs in the parliament. 

Previously, the Deputy Chairperson of the BKSAP (Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Agency) DPR RI, Ir. Achmad Hafisz Tohir, Forum P20 Summit is designed to provide Parliamentary support for the organization and implementation of the results of the G20 meeting. 

“The G20 or Group of Twenty is the main forum for international economic cooperation consisting of countries with the largest economies in the world. Consists of 19 countries and 1 representative of the European Union. While P20 is a G20 Engagement Group consisting of the Chairs of Parliament from G20 member countries,” said Hafisz Tohir in the DPR RI Performance Communication and Socialization Forum with the theme “The Role of the Press in Succeeding the P20 Stronger Parliaments For Sustainable. 

Hafisz Tohir explained in more detail that the purpose of the P20 was to increase the dimensions of Parliament to support the global agenda. Especially those formulated at the G20 Summit. And to encourage closer interaction and cooperation between the government and parliament in implementing the results of the G20 meeting. 

He hopes that the implementation of P20 is believed to be able to provide a positive image for the Indonesian nation, as well as contribute to solving global problems due to Covid-19, namely the economic crisis, food, energy and various geopolitical issues. This is shown by various tensions between countries, such as Russia and Ukraine.

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