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Indonesia’s G20 Presidency Security Strategy Has Been Guaranteed


By: Danar Gumilang)*

Many parties have guaranteed security at the summit of the G20 Presidency of Indonesia. This is because various strategies have been deployed to strengthen the cooperation and synergy of the elements concerned in their task of securing the G20 Summit.

In order to ensure the smooth and successful implementation of the Indonesian G20 Presidency, especially at its peak performance in mid-November 2022, one of the most important things is the security aspect.

Regarding this, the Deputy Chief of Police, Commissioner General of Police Gatot Eddy Pramono emphasized that the security strategy for the G20 Summit (Summit) held in Bali was very well structured. This can be seen from the tactical floor game (TFG) activities that have been carried out by his party.

Furthermore, the Deputy Chief of Police explained that TFG itself is indeed a strategy that can be used as a vehicle for coordination in planning operations so that each task force (task) can know the role of their respective functions in order to make the G20 activities a success and support the activities of the G20.

For information, the tactical floor game itself is a military tactic that is usually applied to be able to coordinate related to the role of each party involved in the troops, whether it is useful in the context of the training period or when they want to maneuver in the field.

This becomes very important, because if each task force unit does not know what their main tasks and roles are in the field, then their performance will automatically become less than optimal in the process of implementing the entire series of G20 activities.

Therefore, Komjen Gatot stated that the TFG activity was very important to be able to further strengthen the readiness of all elements involved in securing the Indonesian G20 Presidency. In addition, he added that the tactical floor game itself is also a stage with procedures and mechanics that must be done in carrying out an exercise in stages and continues from the previous stage.

The Deputy Chief of Police then hopes that with the implementation of the TFG, all security forces at the G20 Summit, especially the National Police themselves will even be able to find some things that may not have been predictable so far so that they can prevent or take anticipatory measures.

Meanwhile, the Bali Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Putu Jayan Danu Putra stated that the tactical floor game activities carried out were expected to be able to assist the security forces of the Indonesian G20 Presidency when facing various kinds of dynamic situations, especially during the movement of members on duty as well as the movement of members of the armed forces. delegates at the G20 Summit in progress.

Because it is absolutely undeniable, the situation and conditions in the field can change at any time very quickly. So of course it is very important that all parties are able to anticipate or have a previous design in an effort to predict what might happen.

Inspector General Putu added that the implementation of the TFG has the aim of knowing in more detail what the implementation of securing the G20 Presidency for Indonesia is, even from ring 1, ring 2 to ring 3, which is indeed very possible for dynamic movements to occur so that the security forces are more prepared. to deal with various situations.

On the other hand, the Head of Public Relations of the Bali Police, Police Commissioner Satake Bayu said that the tactical floor game activity was indeed an important thing to support all processes of implementing security for the G20 Summit to run well and as expected. In addition, according to him, the Bali Police are continuing to strive to really make this prestigious event a success, even by continuing to strengthen coordination and collaboration with many relevant stakeholders in the Province of Bali.

Not only doing exercises using the TFG method, but maritime security in the waters of the Bali Strait is also continuously being tightened ahead of the peak of the G20 Summit. Even all relevant parties in Banyuwangi were mobilized to be able to continue to monitor the development of the situation in the Bali Strait.

Related to this, the Regent of Banyuwangi, Ipuk Fiestiandani stated that currently Banyuwangi itself continues to work together to be able to complement each other’s security in accordance with the capacity of the G20. Even Ipuk ensured that all security elements had been involved because they were indeed a buffer zone for the G20; starting from BIN, TNI AL, TNI AD to Polri and Basarnas to other safeguards continue to work together for the sake of securing the G20.

Ensuring the success, smoothness and success of the implementation of the G20 Presidency of Indonesia, including for the security sector is indeed crucial. The reason is that if the G20 Summit itself can run successfully, the impact will also be very broad for the Indonesian people themselves. Therefore, all efforts and strategies continue to be deployed by the G20 security forces to ensure that everything goes as expected.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute 

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