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People Reject KAMI Declaration


By: Tatang Kurniawan )*

KAMI held a declaration last August 18 and will hold a similar event in the region. But unfortunately the appearance of this collection was rejected by the public. They feel KAMI can only curse without giving a definite solution. People also do not want peace to be damaged by the presence of this group.

Din Syamsudin and friends boasted in the KAMI Declaration which was held last August. On that occasion, he demanded that Indonesia be saved. WE also read out 10 edicts and 8 demands which essentially asked the government to be serious in dealing with various problems in Indonesia. Such as the economic crisis and the handling of the corona pandemic.

However, during the declaration, there was resistance from the public. They also named their group KAMI, which stands for Indonesia’s millennial action unit. This demonstration took place because they considered the Din cs version of KAMI to disturb the government and they should have helped save Indonesia.

A similar rejection occurred when the West Java region of the KAMI was declared. In Bandung, a number of masses rallied in front of a well-known hotel. They rejected the KAMI declaration that would be impromptu there, because it was feared it would become a new corona cluster. Similar actions were also held in front of Gedung Sate and also in front of the Bandung Police.

According to Adi Mulyadi, the demonstration coordinator, this rejection occurred because of the love for the earth, Parahyangan. So don’t let any events in Bandung have the potential to spread the covid-19 virus. Even though it is held in a well-known hotel, it is not certain that all of the performers and KAMI members comply with health protocols such as wearing masks.

The rejection of the KAMI declaration in 2 places shows that the community does not care about their threats. If Rocky Gerung cs demands that the government save Indonesia but it can only boast, then it is considered to be just selling. Because the people were tired of promises and verbal abuse, they only needed proof.

The community also started to antipathy with KAMI because they did not respect the Covid-19 pandemic by holding events in public places. They are considered to have no empathy and only prioritize ego. In addition, the declaration event is considered to be a show off event so that the popularity of the old figure will rise again, after previously drowning in time.

Rejection should not only be seen as a form of resistance by the common people. But it must be an evaluation material. Don’t even blame the people who reject KAMI existence. Ask your conscience, why did some people dislike this coalition? After that, just look for a solution, don’t blame each other.

KAMI members can audit the demonstrators to find common ground. So they realized that the declaration event was in a dangerous area, because it could give rise to a new corona cluster. When given input, don’t be angry. However, you must be aware that during a pandemic, you cannot just hold an event that is attended by many people.

If KAMI want to get the sympathy of the public and truly save Indonesia, then don’t just display empty words. But prove it with deeds. Don’t just sue the government, because being a good Indonesian citizen can also save Indonesia. There are various ways to make people’s lives better.

KAMI members can volunteer to treat corona patients in several hospitals. They can also register to be volunteers in the covid-19 virus vaccine trial. So the vaccine research process can be completed immediately and all Indonesian people get immunizations. Do they really dare to do it? I don’t think so.

The KAMI declaration continues to be rejected because society is tired of their empty promises. What is the point of a declaration event if only attacks and hate speech are shown against the government? If KAMI are still determined to make a declaration in another city, the people will also react strongly and reject it, because they are considered to be just selling nonsense.

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