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Percentage of Covid-19 Patients Recovers Increases


By: Sudarna )*

The pandemic is not over yet but the percentage increase in patients recovering is increasing. This proves that the steps taken by the government in controlling Corona such as mandatory wearing masks and adhering to other health protocols, are very effective. We must be optimistic that the covid storm will soon pass.

Achmad Yurianto, ex-spokesperson for the Covid-19 task force in Indonesia, gave good news amid the Corona pandemic. The percentage of increase in patients continues to increase, from 35.8% to 43.2%. The details, from 57,770 patients, 25,595 people recovered. While 2,048 people died, aka only 5% of patients.

Even though the percentage is relatively smaller than the worldwide cure rate of 50%, it is still considered a good thing. Because the number of patients recovering is increasing every day. In addition, there are provinces in Indonesia where the number of patients recovering to 70%, so that exceeds the average percentage of recovery of patients worldwide.

This shows that the government has tried very hard in overcoming the Corona storm. At the beginning of a pandemic everyone must stay at home, and during the adaptation of new habits, activities may take on many conditions. Among them must wear a mask and meet other health protocols, such as diligent hand washing and must keep their distance.

The government also strongly guarantees the health of its people by covering the cost of treatment for Corona patients via BPJS. In addition, cloth masks are often distributed free of charge. Information on preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus was also carried out by the task force team, both via SMS and television. This is to prevent new Corona patients.

Health workers also get free PPE assistance and other medical devices. They have a temporary place to stay so they are not afraid of sending Corona to their families at home. In addition, there is a recruitment of volunteers to help with the work of doctors and other health workers. Do not let them become victims of the next Covid-19 because of fatigue while on duty.

The news about the increasing number of recovery of Corona patients is certainly very encouraging. We are also required to examine statistics on the number of patients each day. Don’t just focus on the number of patients, but also see how many people recover. If the recovery is 43% of patients does not mean the rest died, because they are still in care.

Make no mistake when reading news in online media and even stuck with hoax content. This pandemic period was used by hoax makers to produce dramatic news. The goal is that they get a lot of viewers and advertising revenue rises. First check the truth of the news, because the number of patients getting better is increasing.

In addition, we are also still required to obey health protocols. Isn’t it really easy to wear a mask when doing activities outside the home? Hand sanitizers are also no longer rare. However, it is more important to wash hands, because Corona does not like a very hygienic environment. The condition is now maintained, if possible all can be cured, because it will obey the protocol.

Appreciate the struggle of the health workers. Do not let because of carelessness many people are lazy to wear masks, will increase the number of new patients. In the meantime, reduce out of town events and travel, because it is feared that it will create a new Corona cluster. The reason is because the rules do not obey the distance there.

The number of Corona patients recovering is increasing. The government’s step in controlling the Covid-19 virus is commendable because its progress has improved. The number of patients who died also only 5%. But we still have to obey the health protocol so that there are no new Corona patients. Hopefully the Covid-19 virus can really disappear from Indonesia.

)* The author is a contributor of Reader Institute

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