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Relocation of the National Capital Absorbs Productive Workers Kerja


By : Lisa Pamungkas

The capital city of Indonesia will be moved to Borneo and this relocation is a positive thing, because it will absorb productive workers. There will be a lot of job vacancies thanks to the massive construction there. People will be helped because they get a new job.

When the capital city of Indonesia was moved from DKI Jakarta to Kutai Kartanegara and Penajam Paser Utara, Kalimantan, there were pros and cons. The reason is, moving the capital city is a very new thing in Indonesia. So that there are only those who are surprised and then think that they are not.

Whereas in the Bung Karno era, there was already a discourse on moving the capital city, the goal was to be in the middle of Indonesia. The difference is, it was proposed that the capital city would be moved to Palangkaraya. Although this has not materialized, Bung Karno’s idea is very realistic.

The relocation of the capital city is planned to start in 2021 and is sure to bring positive things. President Jokowi’s spokesman Fadjroel Rahman stated that the construction of the new nation’s capital was one of Indonesia’s economic recovery strategies. It will also absorb a large workforce.

Fadjroel added that during ground breaking, aka construction in the first year, it will absorb 100,000 workers. Meanwhile, the BPS predicts that the relocation of the nation’s capital will absorb around millions of workers. In a sense, this is very good because during the pandemic, many unemployed are scattered.

When there are vacancies in Borneo it will be very good, because applicants will flock there. If the number of native Kalimantan workers is still lacking, employees from other regions can be added. This will reduce the number of unemployed not only in Borneo, but also in East Nusa Tenggara, Java, Sumatra, etc.

The number of workers needed is not only drivers and manual laborers, but also in other sectors such as planologists, architects, project designers, interior designers, etc. So that there will be more regional sons who excel and are drawn to handle the project of moving the national capital and work for Indonesia.

It is clear that the project of moving the national capital will have a positive impact, because it can reduce unemployment in Indonesia. So that one problem will be solved, namely the threat of poverty. Due to the fact, many new unemployed due to the effects of the pandemic, and when they are able to work, will be able to smoke kitchen smoke again.

The problem of rampant unemployment is very serious because it can spread to others, for example in the psychological, social and criminal fields. If there are people who are unemployed for too long, they will be stressed and have the potential to become depressed. It’s a loss if there is a potential son of the nation but ends up in a mental hospital bed.

The problem of crime during the pandemic also cannot be underestimated. When many are unemployed, some may be tempted by the devil, and snatch with the excuse of buying rice. So that the project of moving the capital city can certainly avoid such negative things.

Apart from benefiting the workers, this project will also have a positive impact on the residents of the surrounding area. When there is a project, it will be followed by the growth of catering services or food stalls, to provide consumption for workers. The community will get additional income by selling rice, while workers do not need to be confused about where to find the nearest restaurant.

Let’s support moving the nation’s capital to Kalimantan because it brings many benefits, especially to reduce the number of unemployed. Because it is predicted that this project will absorb up to millions of workers. So that the poverty rate will be reduced drastically, because many have permanent jobs.

(The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students)

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