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The Community Feels Directly the Impact of Infrastructure Development


By: Aprilian Hutapea )*

During the administration of President Jokowi, infrastructure development was carried out on a massive scale. Its development is also not only in Java but also outside Java. Communities directly feel the impact, where their mobility is getting faster and the economy is getting better.

The splendor of the Randuginting Dam and the Papua Bangkit Stadium is proof of the government’s seriousness in building infrastructure in Indonesia. With infrastructure development, people’s lives are expected to be better. Communities also feel the direct impact of dam construction, because it can overcome the problem of drought in their area.

The Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of West Sulawesi, Burhanudin, stated that many people have felt the positive impact of infrastructure development during the administration of President Jokowi. Infrastructure development is to improve the community’s economy.

In a sense, the community proves the efficacy of infrastructures in overcoming their economic problems. If there are bridges and roads that are built, their mobility will automatically become smoother. When the mobility is smooth and the distance is getting closer, the cost of shipping goods and the price of goods can be cheap, and the people’s economy will be healthier.

Smooth mobility also has a positive effect on people who work as traders. They can send packages faster and will be more trusted by buyers. Business is also getting smoother and the economy is growing.

Infrastructure development during the administration of President Jokowi is not only roads and bridges, but also dams throughout Indonesia. If there is a dam, it can solve the problem of drought, such as in East Nusa Tenggara and other areas in eastern Indonesia. During the dry season, there are still dams that supply water to irrigate people’s plantations.

Then, people who work as horse and cattle breeders will also have no difficulty in finding grass and other plants as animal feed. Grass can thrive even in the dry season, because there is irrigation from the dam.

The infrastructure development carried out by President Jokowi applies Pancasila, especially the principle of ‘Social Justice for All Indonesian People’. Development must be evenly distributed so that all of Indonesia can benefit from it.

Papuan community leader Ramses Ohee stated that President Jokowi is highly committed to developing Papua and eastern Indonesia. There are many developments ranging from roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. Even fuel prices are also suppressed by the one-price fuel policy.

The appreciation of the people in eastern Indonesia proves that infrastructure development is very useful for them. Especially the Trans Papua Road. Where the road shortens travel time and overcomes problems that occur when Papua’s natural conditions have not been tidied up.

Papua has a unique geographical condition, where there are uneven roads and virgin forests. This natural condition was tidied up and infrastructure was also built, so that the people there could move more smoothly, and have a better life.

Meanwhile, politician Bambang Brodjonegoro stated that there are several impacts of infrastructure development that can be felt directly by the people. First, people’s productivity will be significantly increased. Second, it can increase job opportunities and the people’s economy. Third, improve other sectors such as tourism. Lastly, improve the information network.

People’s productivity will be greatly increased because the roads and bridges as a result of infrastructure development are built very well. They can pass it when going to and from work. People are more enthusiastic about working and being productive because there is infrastructure support from the government.

In addition, infrastructure can increase job opportunities, if an area has good infrastructure then foreign investors are willing to invest there. With the arrival of investors, factories will be built and new job vacancies will be opened. Thus the number of unemployed will also decrease.

President Jokowi’s government is building infrastructure not only in Java but also outside Java, even to remote areas of Papua. The aim is not only to increase people’s mobility, but also to attract foreign investors. As a result, the number of unemployed is also reduced and the people’s economy is increasing.

The existence of infrastructure can also increase the tourism sector because foreign tourist visits will increase. They want to travel to areas throughout Indonesia (not only to Bali and Yogyakarta), because of the road and bridge infrastructure that is in good condition. They will not get drunk because the road is smooth, and connects the airport with tourist destinations.

The community can directly feel the impact of the massive infrastructure development in Indonesia, which is being carried out from Sabang to Merauke. Apart from having an effect on mobility, infrastructure can also improve the economy and tourism. Infrastructure can also attract foreign investors and will reduce the number of unemployed in Indonesia.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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