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The Covid 19 Case Slopes, People Still Must Obey Health Protocol


By: Alfisyah Dianasari )*

The last few days, the curve of Covid-19 cases has continued to slope and is encouraging news during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the public is advised to always apply strict Prokes because the Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been two years of a pandemic and although we don’t know when this test will end, there is a glimmer of hope. More and more people have been vaccinated completely and are disciplined in wearing masks. In addition, the number of Corona patients has also begun to decline, and this must be appreciated because it is the result of the hard work of health workers, the Covid-19 Handling Task Force, and volunteers.

Spokesperson for vaccination of the Ministry of Health, doctor Siti Nadia Tarmizi stated that the curve of Corona cases began to slope and the number of patients fell by 35%. In the past, daily cases were above 50,000, now there are only 36,000 per day. As a result, the hospital occupancy rate was reduced.

However, when the Corona case drops, don’t relax because you must obey health protocols. This is because the WHO has not declared the pandemic over. In addition, in Indonesia, group immunity has not yet been formed because only 50% of the population has been vaccinated.

Warnings from the Ministry of Health must be obeyed, due to the fact that there are many violations of health protocols. Especially at the point of avoiding crowds. Before the month of Ramadan, people even use it to organize events such as wedding parties that invite hundreds or even thousands of people. This is certainly dangerous because it can cause a new Corona cluster.

In addition, people also take advantage of long weekends to travel out of town. Even though this also violates the points in the health protocol, namely reducing mobility. There will be a negative domino effect, when many people get Corona after the holidays and there is a potential for an increase in cases, and later when there is a ban on going home for Eid, the government will be scolded. Even though it was their own fault for not complying with health protocols.

Therefore, don’t violate health protocols if you don’t want an increase in Corona cases, then a homecoming ban appears. Rules are not to be broken, but to be obeyed. Everyone must be orderly if you want the pandemic to end.

Don’t forget to wear a mask and even wear a double mask, with a disposable mask on the inside and a cloth mask on the outside, to strengthen the filtration. Also bring at least a dozen masks in your bag, so when you meet people who don’t wear masks, give them one.

Also obey other rules in the health protocol, and company owners must obey the government. Don’t force yourself to work full time from the office, but also give the opportunity to work from home, the goal is to keep your distance in the office.

For schools, it is mandatory to be fully online again, aka school from home, because the case has sloped, but children must be protected from the dangers of Corona. Do not even secretly open schools and students wear free clothes, so as not to be suspected.

When everyone obeys health protocols, we are optimistic that Corona cases can be suppressed. Don’t just take off your mask, even though you’ve been vaccinated three times, because the pandemic isn’t over yet. All must be orderly in order to stay healthy from any viruses and bacteria.

Corona cases are indeed going down but don’t relax because it’s still a pandemic. Keep obeying the health protocols and don’t violate anything, if you want the pandemic to end quickly. In addition to the discipline of health protocols, it is also mandatory for vaccinations to be protected from Corona.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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