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Under the leadership of Budi Gunawan, PBESI is committed to developing Indonesia’s esports potential


PBESI Chairperson Budi Gunawan will be committed to developing the potential of esport in Indonesia. This commitment is demonstrated by the success of PBESI in holding the 2022 IESF World Championship in Bali.

In fact, not a few parties claim that this event is the largest outdoor esports event in the world.

Budi Gunawan as the General Chair of PBESI will also be determined to continue to preserve the Indonesian esport ecosystem and PBESI.

“In the next one to five years, PBESI is expected to become an organization to be truly proud of. I hope PBESI can also become the best sports organization compared to other sports,” said Budi Gunawan.

On the other hand, Deputy Chairperson for PBESI Athletes & Achievements, Yohannes P. Siagian revealed, PBESI showed this commitment through intense training and coaching conducted for esport players in order to increase their potential and be able to compete in the field of esport.

“We also continue to foster and have prepared our athletes regarding non-technical aspects such as time management, diet, communication patterns, and especially building a strong mentality,” he said.

One of PBESI’s successes is in fully supporting all Indonesian esports teams competing in the IESF 2022 event and providing some direction and coaching.

The Indonesian Mobile Legend Bang Bang (MLBB) National Team in the IESF Bali 2022 managed to penetrate the grand finals of the IESF Bali 2022 after beating the Cambodian Team with a score of 2-1.

The trainer for the MLBB Indonesia National Team, Aji Wicaksono, revealed that the victory that was achieved by the Indonesian MLBB National Team was the result of the contributions of fans and prayers from all Indonesian people.

“This victory is thanks to the prayers of all Indonesian citizens who have provided support to the Indonesian National Team. Whoever the opponent is in the Grand Final, we are determined to show our best abilities so that the gold target can be achieved,” said Aji.

The victory and success of the Indonesian MLBB National Team cannot be separated from the support from various facilities provided by PBESI during the Budi Gunawan era.

The progress of the Indonesian MLBB Team towards the IESF 2022 grand final shows PBESI’s commitment that Indonesian esports has potential and provides many opportunities for Indonesia in the future.

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