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Vaccinations Prevent the Fatal Effects of Covid-19


By: Nurlina Widyasari)*

The Covid-19 vaccination is an effort by the government to provide immunity to the community. The vaccine is expected to prevent the fatal effects of Covid-19.

Inspector General of Police Fadil Imran as the Metro Jaya Police Chief said that 60 percent of the death rate due to Covid-19 was due to patients not being vaccinated. In addition, other causes of death from Covid-19 are patients who are elderly and have a history of congenital disease. This was conveyed by Fadil when he directly observed the acceleration of vaccine acceleration by video conference with the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo at the Tangerang City Government Center.

He reminded all Jadetabek residents not to ignore the implementation of the Covid-19 health protocol (Prokes). Moreover, the cases of Covid-19 of the Omicron variant have increased. He also invited people who have not been vaccinated or have not undergone complete vaccinations to immediately vaccinate.

Polda Metro Jaya is targeting 1,300 doses of vaccine to be given, especially at 104 points in Tangerang City, Banten. Meanwhile, the Covid-19 handling task force said that vaccination had an important role in preventing the severity of symptoms to death from Covid-19.

Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Task Force, Prof. Wiku Adisasmito said the immunity generated by the vaccine had many roles in preventing the severity of symptoms, hospitalization, and even death.

However, he said there was still a risk of long Covid-19 or prolonged symptoms of Covid-19 even though he had been vaccinated and is still being researched. Therefore, Wiku invites all levels of society to remain disciplined in implementing health protocols even though they have received vaccinations.

Vaccinations are carried out to complement efforts to prevent Covid-19 disease, such as wearing masks, washing hands, also maintaining distance and avoiding crowds. Vaccination itself is a procedure for giving a disease antigen, usually in the form of a weakened or dead virus or bacteria, it can also be just part of a virus or bacteria. The goal is to make the immune system recognize and be able to fight when exposed to the disease.

In fact, the immune system recognizes and is able to fight back when exposed to the disease. However, corona virus infection carries a high risk of death and transmission. Therefore, another way is needed to form the immune system, namely by vaccination.

If this vaccination is given en masse, it will certainly encourage the formation of herd immunity in society. This means that people who cannot get the vaccine, such as newborns, or people with certain immune disorders, can get protection from the people around them.

Previously, the Secretary General (Secretary General) of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) Muhammad Hudori said regional heads had an important role in the success of the Covid-19 vaccination program.

This is in accordance with the joint decision of the Minister of Home Affairs & the Minister of Finance No. 119/2813/SJ & Number 117/KMK.07/2020 focuses on aspects of health, social assistance and economic rescue in their respective regions, especially MSMEs, both micro and ultra micro.

Hudori emphasized that regional heads have an important role in the successful implementation of Covid-19 vaccination in their regions, especially through the provision of budgets in the APBD to support the implementation of Covid-19 vaccinations in their respective regions.
He explained that in the implementation of vaccination, provincial and district/city governments can also provide support in terms of providing health workers, vaccination sites, logistics and transportation, warehouses and vaccine storage equipment including buffer supplies/stock piling, security and socialization and mobilizing the community.

Provincial and district/municipal governments are also expected to be able to monitor and overcome follow-up events after the Covid-19 vaccination with the Ministry of Health and BPOM.

Hudori said that he wanted to underline the handling of Covid-19 to his colleagues from the regional secretary. This cannot be carried out by the provincial government but must also be carried out jointly at the central, provincial and district/city levels. Of course, people don’t need to be picky about vaccines, because all the vaccines to be injected have gone through clinical trials and are feasible to be given to the public.

Vaccines are also effective in preventing the fatal effects of Covid-19, indeed vaccines do not guarantee a person will be protected from Covid, but vaccines can make the body stronger to fight the ferocity of the corona virus.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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