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Building human resources and infrastructure, Jokowi is superior to SBY


President Joko Widodo has a strong commitment to building the quality of the younger generation through the development of Human Resources (HR) to infrastructure. This is considered to be one of the ways to realize the vision of Indonesia Gold 2045.

In this regard, Deputy Chancellor II of Surabaya State University (Unesa) Suprapto praised the steps taken by President Jokowi. He considers that infrastructure and human resources are a strong foundation for the progress of the nation.

“I believe and really believe that Pak Jokowi’s program to improve human resources and extraordinary infrastructure will definitely create the foundation for Indonesia Gold 2045, God willing, it will be achieved,” he said

Then, Suprapto explained that if Indonesia Gold 2025 is optimistic that it can be realized if the ideas developed by President Jokowi can be continued. This is because the foundation that the head of state has built is strong enough.

“God willing, I see that the foundation is quite strong. In fact, the main basis for leading to Golden Indonesia 2045 is superior infrastructure and human resources,” he said

In a similar vein, National Youth Activist Chrisman Damanik revealed that since the beginning of his administration, President Jokowi was really very serious about improving the quality of human resources.

“He works from the heart for a future Indonesia that is truly reckoned with in the world. His leadership represents the will of the people,” he said

The National Youth activist added that the figure of President Jokowi is also attached to infrastructure development. With the massive infrastructure development, people can easily do their activities.

“This is really needed by the community in supporting the mobility of people and goods. Jokowi’s second period builds human resources. Both will lead to progress,” he said

As is well known, President Jokowi is refocusing the 2023 State Budget to continue building infrastructure throughout Indonesia and increasing the nation’s human resources.

Not only that, from a total budget of IDR 3,061.2 trillion, the allocation for developing superior and productive human resources reached IDR 612.2 trillion. Meanwhile, for infrastructure, it was IDR 392.2 trillion.

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