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Inspiring Young Papua, a Place for Creativity for Papuan Youth Assisted by BIN


The government under the leadership of President Jokowi is committed to continuously improving the quality of Indonesia’s Human Resources (HR). One of these commitments is reflected in the formation of Inspiring Young Papua (PMI) as a forum for youth creativity.

Inspiring Young Papua (PMI) is under the guidance of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) which aims to instill a new spirit in Papuan youth. Inspiring Young Papua was inaugurated by President Jokowi, on 28 October 2019. He fully supports the creativity and innovation carried out by young people in Papua.

Through PMI, it is hoped that Papuan youth can realize their potential and creative ideas to support the realization of prosperity in the land of Papua. PMI has many creative ideas and ideas to help accelerate the development of Papua, including those relating to national food security. This is in accordance with Presidential Instruction Number 09 of 2020 concerning the Acceleration of Welfare in Papua and West Papua.

Inspiring Young Papua or PMI is a forum for young Papuans to channel their talents. Apart from art and technology, they are trained to become independent young entrepreneurs. With this program, it is hoped that in the future the Indigenous Papuans (OAP) will have quality human resources.

PMI was founded by 21 Papuan youths and girls, who come from many different fields. This program is very good for business people and businessmen in the technology sector. The goal is good because it is for the prosperity of Papua and a better future for the people of Cendrawasih Earth.

PMI’s first steps are in the field of technology, with many start – ups expected to emerge as unicorns or deca – corns – the alias level of large companies. By teaching information technology at PMI, it shows that Papuans also have high intelligence. They can be trained to be able to use the internet and use it to do business on an international scale.

With this program, it is hoped that the talents or interests of Papuan youth talents can be accommodated properly. In addition, they will be trained to be independent and be able to develop their region so that they can reduce unemployment in the land of Papua. PMI has room to facilitate Papuan people who have creativity or products but have not been able to market their products. So that with this container, original products from the Papuan people can be marketed within and outside the country.

The government fully supports the PMI program and provides part of the APBN funds to ensure the program runs smoothly. With government support, it is hoped that PMI will run smoothly and that many young entrepreneurs will graduate each year. They understand not only how to do business and use technology, but also how to communicate with customers around the world.

PMI also has a building called the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building and is located in Wahno Village, Abepura District, Jayapura City, Papua Province. The building was built magnificently and has complete facilities to support the talents and creativity of young Papuans.

This building will be used and utilized by Inspiring Young Papuans to carry out work programs for the welfare of the people in Papua. The presence of this building is expected to be able to help the young generation of Papua in making works and doing various things that can prosper the people of Papua.

PMI, assisted by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), since last year has succeeded in involving many communities in the development of corn fields in Sitori Village, East Kebar District, Tambrauw Regency, West Papua. In this activity there were at least 120 people from various tribes in West Papua. The corn field development program was initiated by the Head of BIN, Budi Gunawan, who was directly supported by President Jokowi.

PMI, with the support of BIN, has also succeeded in collaborating with investors, namely PT Nuansa Lestari Sejahtera, in the management of corn plants so that they can run optimally. Now farmers no longer need to be confused about selling their crops, because PMI will facilitate the marketing of their crops. Not only corn, PMI will also help sell local farmers’ crops, which until now are still having trouble marketing their agricultural products.

In addition to developing corn farmers, PMI has also succeeded in producing laying hen feed, which currently has a feed production capacity of around 7 tonnes per day with a selling price of around Rp 7,900 per kilogram. Initially, the obstacle faced was the lack of raw material for feed, which was 55 percent made from corn. However, with PMI rolling out the corn planting program, all corn yields will be purchased and used as feed ingredients for laying hens.

Currently, PMI, BIN, communities and investors are working together to encourage the development of corn, coffee and animal husbandry in Tambrauw District. In the future, PMI will also develop corn in Fakfak Regency and Teluk Bintuni Regency.

The existence of PMI is a concrete manifestation of the Government to advance Indonesian human resources, including in Papua. Of course, this step needs to be appreciated by many parties because it not only accommodates the creativity of the younger generation but is also expected to accelerate Papua’s progress.

)* The author is an observer of Community Economics

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