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The Government Pays Attention to Papua’s Health and Education Development


Government totality in developing Papua. Not only infrastructure or physical development. But also development in the fields of health and education. The health of the people of Papua is of great concern because there is still malaria. Then, Papuan children are also given scholarships so they can study at least high school.

The government is developing Papua so that there is equity throughout Indonesia. From Sabang to Merauke there must be justice in development, so that all people feel the same progress. Papua was built using special autonomy funds (special autonomy) and APBD funds so that it continues to progress.

To make Papua’s development successful, the government has created a Master Plan for the Acceleration of Papua Development (RIPPP). RIPPP funds of IDR 78.7 trillion will be provided for development on Cendrawasih Earth, in 2023.

Irine Manibuy, Representative of the Steering Committee for the Acceleration of Development of Special Autonomy for Papua (BP3OKP) West Papua stated that the RIPPP funds to be received could be larger, because there is collaboration with outside parties.

Irine added, the budget is used to accelerate development in the fields of health, education, people’s economy, etc. For development in the health sector, the Healthy Papua program will continue. As for the education sector, the Smart Papua program will continue. Then there is also a program to improve the economy of the people in Bumi Cendrawasih.

The government regulates 30% of the special autonomy budget so that school facilities and infrastructure are properly regulated. There is also an equal distribution of facilities in schools throughout the Papua region. So, children on Earth Cendrawasih are guaranteed to get a proper education, for their future.

In development in the field of education, the government will create an international school. The goal is that Papuan children can study in a good place and become smarter. When they are smart, they will become future government employees or Papuan leaders.

Then, development in the field of education was also carried out by providing special autonomy scholarship funds. Scholarships are given not only to elementary school students, but also middle and high school students. They excel and deserve scholarships so they can go to school for free.

Not only for students, special autonomy scholarships are also given to students. They can study not only in Papua, but also other campuses in Java and other regions. Even bright students are also entitled to receive scholarships to study abroad, both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Development in the field of education took place after the new autonomous region (DOB) was established. If there is a new province, there will automatically be a new school, making it easier for students to study. Meanwhile, young people can be taught skills so they can open their own businesses and reduce the number of unemployed.

Thomas Eppe Sapanfo, Deputy Regent of Asmat, stated that the special autonomy scholarship had a positive impact. Because apart from providing scholarships for Papuan sons, there is a special program for those who have graduated from high school. Young people can register to become soldiers, and all costs from recruitment to training. They can realize their dream of becoming guardians of the Republic of Indonesia.

According to Thomas, there should be socialization about the success of the special autonomy program. The program was not only broadcast in Papua, but also in all parts of Indonesia. So, all the people will know that this program has been successful, and they will support the extension of the special autonomy, because it has been proven to advance Papua in various fields.

Meanwhile, the Healthy Papua program is also being continued so that Papuans stay healthy. Moreover, in Cendrawasih Earth is also still prone to various diseases such as dengue, malaria, and HIV. The Papuan people must be healthy so that no one is in trouble when they are sick.

Speaker of the Papuan Parliament Jhony Banua Rouwemphasized that the health insurance program for native Papuans in the form of the Papuan Health Card (KPS) is still valid but will be integrated into the BPJS as one of the national health insurances organized by the government.

The KPS program intended for Indigenous Papuans (OAP) will continue to apply. However, this KPS is not the main one, but backs up the BPJS. It is the government’s duty to provide health insurance for the people of Papua, especially for indigenous Papuans.

Particularly for the financing of the KPS Program, it is currently experiencing problems after the establishment of the 3 provinces of the new autonomous regions, but the DPRP and the Executive are still trying to meet the needs of the regional budget to finance all programs.

There are only Referral Hospitals in Papua in Jayapura, therefore members of the DPR Papua will invite Acting Governors in the four new provinces to take part, in this case backing up the budget related to this KPS. So that when there are referrals from the area of ​​origin of patients with KPS guarantees, they will still be served at referral hospitals in Jayapura City, both Abepura Hospital and Jayapura Hospital.

The government really pays attention to the Papuan people with development, not only in the infrastructure sector. But also with the development of health and education. The Papuan people are grateful because the government pays attention to them and wants the people to be smarter and healthier.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Makassar

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