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Author: Ninoy Karundeng ) *

Intelligence teacher AM Hendropriyono reminded that the middle class must move against radicalism that is rife in society. Radicalism that is left unchecked, because the middle class considers radicalism to be none of their business, will swallow them up.

As a result, when the radicals come to power, this group becomes the first target to be eliminated. The reason is that the middle class will be a threat to the continuation of the manipulative power of the radicals.

Hendropriyono cites the essence of concern regarding the ‘ ignorance ‘ of the middle class who are not aware of the threat of radicalism to all levels of class groups in society, as conveyed by the author of the famous book entitled “Taliban”.

Ahmad Rasyid, the author of the book “Taliban” said that the radical fanatics of the Taliban succeeded in seizing power thanks to the “services” of educated people who chose to remain silent when the country was threatened by radicalism.

The Taliban group actually killed the silent middle class educated group. The reason is that they are enemies and potential threats.

So when you see violence and radicalism around you, and let it go, you are paving the way, planting a Taliban victory. They were tolerated, belittled, silenced, until they came to power.

Sad story of the middle class when it became the first victim crushed by the Taliban. Yet this middle class did nothing. When the Taliban fought to get rid of the Islamic understanding of rahmatan lil alamin in Afghanistan.

The same thing will happen, if the omission continues. Discriminatory attitudes in society, which are built by radical groups in the environment they control, have divided various layers of society in Indonesia.

One of them, the legislative power in the regions that create sharia regulations , which is allowed not only by the middle class, but also by the government, has created legal discrimination. Laws and laws or regulations only target the interests of sharia groups – to the exclusion of minority groups.

The beginning of radicalism was built from religious symbols that were installed in public places. For example, on the streets various attributes of God are posted, with letters that are not understood by all groups. From this symbol, further power is developed, namely making local regulations that only think about the interests of the majority.

In the economic field, there are also efforts to move the economy with segregative symbols . For example, shops with the 212 logo which were built with a segregative spirit are against the laws of an egalitarian economy, even though they are breathless. Out of the laws of a free market economy, trade is based on religious beliefs.

In the field of sharia economics , various frauds under the guise of sharia continue to flourish. Abu Tour, First Travel, sharia housing , and various money games under the guise of sharia managed to deceive the public.

However, the sane middle class society seems to allow the building of radicalism that is rife in society, with a step by step level, but towards the building of violence that continues to strengthen.

Not to mention when the radicals succeed in controlling positions in government institutions, at various levels, the considerations of belief and discrimination determine. No longer a calculation of professionalism. Moreover, the position obtained is used as a tool for the struggle to defend radical groups.

The story of the terrorist Abdul Basith from the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) and the Krakatau Steel BUMN terrorist is proof that the institution is used as a battlefield . And, this kind of madness is allowed by society, including the middle class.

So, this condition of omission made the former Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) General ( Ret .) AM Hendropriyono to inspire the middle class to take care of the radicalism that is rampant in Indonesia. A role that when ignored, they will be the first victims to be crushed by the radicals. Exactly the same as what happened in Afghanistan.

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