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Appreciate the BIN Medical Intelligence Team Serving the Health of Cianjur Earthquake Survivors


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By: Ratih Safira Utami )*

The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) sent a Humanitarian Team and a Medical Team to help the victims of the Cianjur earthquake. The medical team came complete with an ambulance, medicines, and health workers. They continue to monitor the health of the earthquake survivors.

The Cianjur earthquake claimed more than 300 lives and many more people were injured. They suffer because their homes are damaged and are in pain from collapsing buildings, colds, or other causes. The earthquake survivors really need help in the form of medicines. Therefore when there is a Medical Team from BIN, they really appreciate their presence.

The BIN Medical Intelligence Team came with the medicines, which were in the ambulance. In the car there was 1 doctor and several trained health workers, so they were quick to help the people of Cianjur. Apart from that, health posts were also established at several points in Cianjur, so that people could seek treatment quickly.

Doctor Sri Wulandari from the BIN Medical Team stated that the team is continuously monitoring the health of the Cianjur earthquake survivors. Almost every hour someone comes to the health assistance post and the average complaints are diarrhea, coughing and itching. They immediately received medicine and tried to recover quickly, so as not to infect other evacuees, especially children.

Doctor Sri added that there were already more than 150 residents seeking treatment at the BIN health post in Cijedil. Then, the patients got sick due to psychological factors and they were stressed due to the big earthquake. Therefore, in addition to receiving medication, they also receive counseling services.

The assistance from the BIN Medical Team was greatly appreciated by the residents of Cianjur because they really needed medicines and health services. When he was sick, he couldn’t go to the nearest health center or hospital, because his motorbike was damaged by the earthquake. The condition of the Cianjur Health Center is also not known whether it survived the earthquake or not, or even was empty because its employees also fled.

When there was an aid post from BIN, Cianjur residents were greatly helped because they could meet a doctor and get cough medicine or other medicines. They really need help because the conditions in the evacuation camp are quite prone to disease. Starting from colds, fever, to stomach pain due to strong winds.

Refugees are more prone to disease because sleeping in tents is relatively cooler, because they are not closed like inside houses. In addition, they may not maintain cleanliness because they take turns using public bathrooms, so they are prone to skin diseases.

Then, refugees are also relieved because there are counseling services and this includes mental health assistance. They can get the right therapy from the BIN Medical Team, then release their stress. If you are still stressed, it will make the disease worse, so healing is mandatory.

The survivors of the Cianjur earthquake were also grateful because apart from receiving assistance in the form of medicines and counseling services, there was a trauma healing program for children. BIN realizes that children are more prone to trauma. Therefore they are invited to listen to fairy tales and play together, so that the trauma will disappear and their mental health will be maintained.

Meanwhile, Iyum (54 years) a resident of Cibereum, Cianjur, stated that he needed medicine and logistics. He was sick with fever and cough when he was evacuated for 8 days. Similar conditions were also experienced by other refugees. Therefore he appreciated the arrival of the BIN Medical Team who swiftly helped and gave medicine to the earthquake survivors.

Iyum added that the refugees not only needed assistance in the form of medicines, but also staple foods, toddler needs, and so on. Assistance from BIN is highly appreciated because it is in the form of ready-to-eat food. The refugees can eat it right away without having to look for a stove or build a wood-burning stove.

The assistance from the BIN Medical Team was highly appreciated by residents because it was not only in the form of medicines, but also complete with doctors and medical personnel. The arrival of other doctors and health workers is eagerly awaited because they need medicine, injections, bandages, etc. There are still earthquake survivors who are injured and need good health care.

Cianjur residents also appreciate the BIN Medical Team for providing door-to-door health services. So, the health assistance post is not only at one point, but several. Then, ambulances also drive around so that people who are sick will get health assistance as soon as possible. The doot to door program will make the earthquake survivors recover quickly.

The BIN Medical Team continues to monitor the health of the Cianjur earthquake survivors and they are happy to receive medical assistance. Residents can also meet a doctor and get an analysis of the disease and the right solution. Medical assistance is urgently needed because there are still many earthquake survivors who are feverish and coughing in the evacuation tents.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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