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Appreciating Indonesian Leadership at the P20 Event


By: Zakaria )* 

The 8th G20 Parliamentary Speaker Summit or P20 is a grand event that will be held in Indonesia. Indonesia’s leadership in the P20 agenda is very important because the meeting brings together parliaments from 20 countries with the largest political power in the world.

On 5-7 October 2022, Indonesia will host the P20 event as a series of G20 Summits. During the P20 meeting, a declaration will be made as a form of political consensus that will describe the direction of diplomatic cooperation between 20 countries with the largest economies in the world.

            The P20 will also build political supports or commitments related to what will be agreed at the G20 Summit which will be held the following month.

            The P20 agenda is certainly important because parliament has the function of legislation and also the budget. The P20 forum also discussed the economic crisis that occurred after the Covid-19 pandemic, which was followed by high inflation in several countries in the world.

            Indonesia’s position which adheres to free and active politics seems to make Indonesia’s position very strategic. Politician Gus Muhaimin also said that the community is expected to be involved in the success of the P20 event.

            He also said that the P20 would also provide a solution to the global crisis and recession. At the P20 event, Indonesia will take the theme “The role of parliament in promoting higher growth and a healthy society”.

            The proposed P20 main agenda in Indonesia is to discuss sustainable development and a green economy, health, human empowerment and capacity building.

            The world needs to come together to solve global problems. Therefore, Indonesia will also emphasize the importance of partnership and inclusiveness of the G20 Presidency.

            The proposed P20 main agenda in Indonesia is to discuss sustainable development and a green economy, health, human empowerment and capacity building.

            Indonesia’s leadership in the P20 aims to increase the parliamentary dimension to support the global agenda, encourage closer interaction and cooperation between the government and parliament in implementing the results of the G20 meeting.

Putu Supadma Rudana as Deputy Chair of the House of Representatives’ Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Agency (BKSAP) said that the various series of meetings, including the P20 Summit in October 2022, were Indonesia’s stage in the international world. The success of hosting the 144th IPU Assembly in Nusa Dua Bali in March 2022, will be repeated again through the successful implementation of the P20.

            Indonesia’s leadership in the P20 and G20, is also the right moment to showcase all of Indonesia’s potential to increase domestic and foreign trade, increase investment in various priority sectors of Indonesia, transfer technology and increase sales of MSME products.      

            Putu also added that the P20 and G20 events were a good opportunity to awaken and promote the tourism sector, including the wealth of arts and culture and other local wisdom, including Indonesian cuisine, to all G20 members.

            The existence of the G20 stage is a very valuable momentum to show Indonesia’s position as the largest economic power in ASEAN and ranked 16th in the world.

            Of course, Indonesia’s leadership in the G20 must provide the maximum benefit for improving people’s welfare and national interests in accordance with the constitutional mandate contained in the 1945 Constitution. On the other hand, the DPR hopes that the P20 will produce a mutual agreement that can encourage real action in solving various problems. existing globals. 

            The DPR also emphasized the importance of parliamentary powers to support the government in post-pandemic recovery and responding to current global challenges.

The P20 and G20 events are also known to be able to support 600,000 – 700,000 new jobs, including in the culinary, fashion and craft sectors. The second series of international events will also involve MSMEs which absorb around 33,000 workers.

            Therefore, the DPR RI has also asked for popular support for the success of the P20 and G20 Summits. Considering that the P20 and G20 series have been carried out since some time ago with locations in a number of areas.

            The DPR RI carries the theme “Stronger Parliament for Sustainable Recovery” in the P20 which is in line with the G20 Presidency’s theme, namely “recover together, recover stronger”. The implementation of the P20 is a form of readiness of the Indonesian parliament (DPR) to be able to synergize or communicate with all parliaments in the world.

            This P20 moment can also be a moment to show the beauty of unity and integrity in the midst of the diversity of the Indonesian nation to the world. It is hoped that the implementation of the P20 and G20 can go well and bring Indonesia’s image to the international community.

            The P20 which was held in Indonesia was an event where the parliament of each member of the G20 was present in Indonesia to discuss international issues such as the use of Green Energy. Of course, this implementation needs to provide support to the participants of the NKRI Summit.

            Indonesia’s leadership in the P20 event, of course, must be realized. This is proof that Indonesia is a country capable of making various international-class events.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute 

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