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Beware of Camouflage Spread of Radicalism in Tourist Areas


By : Rahmat Gunawan *)

Radicalism is a dangerous thing that can damage the Indonesian nation. Currently, radicalism has begun to infiltrate tourist areas. One of them is to infiltrate the South Garut region. From this area, the expression infaq of Rp. 25 thousand can lead to heaven.

Based on the confession of Agus, who is a resident of Mekarwangi Village, Cibalong, Garut related to radical groups, he said that he was often forced to join the group continuously. In the end, Agus was given the allegiance, but he was forced to because Agus was annoyed that he was constantly invited.

After being in the group, Agus felt something odd. Agus, who is known as an ustadz, has a good foundation of religious knowledge. Therefore, Agus realized something odd, such as the teaching of allegiance, where helping or giving to those who have never made the shahada or not in the group would be considered redundant.

One of the other striking things is about the recitation which is held in secret and doctrinal activities are carried out in a closed place. After learning that the group was headed for radical action, Agus finally slowly left.

Meanwhile, Dayat Sudayat, another Mekarwangi resident, said that the group who had made allegiance to him often taught infaq of Rp. 25 thousand. Therefore, Dayat said that the group deviated by the infaq that could make Dayat go to heaven. In addition, there are also those who teach not to pray because they are already good with the group.

It should be noted that this radical understanding has entered 41 out of a total of 42 sub-districts in Garut. The data was obtained by Cece Hidayat as Head of the Garut Ministry of Religion from the branch manager of a religious organization in Garut. Cece appreciates the data obtained because it is a form of concern for the country and nation.

With the spread of radicalism carried out in Garut, the Ministry of Religion and other related parties routinely conduct counseling to religious leaders, or people who are indicated to be exposed to radicalism. In addition, the Ministry of Religion has also been involved in the deradicalization process several times by former followers of radical sects who have declared their return to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

One of them is a Garut resident who said that he had been taught not to pray because he was in an emergency to fight to establish the Islamic State of Indonesia (NII). Instead, the residents were asked to pay an infaq of Rp. 25,000 per month.

The doctrine obtained is that from the Rp. 25 thousand money, it will “save” them if they ever go to hell. This kind of doctrine is carried out by radical groups to citizens who they consider in terms of their religion not to have a strong basis.

The Radical group combed the residents in Garut and in tourist attractions such as Mount Guntur which climbers usually visit. Continuously invite them to join the group and then they will be indoctrinated according to the teachings they do.

Therefore, efforts to prevent the spread of radicalism must involve the community. This is because radicalism can infect anyone without being detected. Sometimes people around the community have actually been exposed to radicalism.

The National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) is strengthening vigilance against radicalism and continues to carry out preventive activities. By collaborating with the community, BNPT believes that radicalism will be difficult to enter the life system in society.

According to the author, at this time the spread of radicalism among youth continues to be intensified by radicalism groups, and has even infiltrated tourist attractions. We must be aware of this together, by protecting the younger generation of the nation’s successors from the dangers of radicalism. Therefore, synergy by all stakeholders and policies is very important, by prioritizing the prevention of radicalism in all aspects for the integrity of the Indonesian nation.

Furthermore, to prevent radicalism, all Indonesian people must unite and work together. The whole community must work together in fighting radicalism so that there are no more acts of intolerance, radicalism, and immediately report any indications of such actions to the authorities.

Cooperation is indeed mandatory, not only by civil society but also other elements of society. Like religious leaders who can give lectures on anti-radicalism. The head of the RT who also emphasized tolerance in society. So that if we all work together, intolerance and radicalism can disappear from Indonesia.

The author invites the whole community to be vigilant if there are people at tourist attractions who invite them to join their group with the lure of going to heaven by donating some money. This has deviated greatly from religious teachings.

Thus, the author hopes that the public can immediately stay away from all forms of invitations from these groups. So that radical groups will not easily enter the life of our society.

Therefore, all elements of society must unite to prevent the spread of radicalism and which can create divisions in Indonesia. The role of community organizations is also very important in making appeals to fight radical groups that invite people to join them. So that it can reduce and eliminate these groups that can break the unity of the Indonesian nation.

*The author is a contributor to the Mulia Institute

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