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Beware of hoaxes , let’s make PON XX 2021 a success in Papua


By: Erika Teodhora ( Warganet Kupang City, NTT)

The XX National Sports Week (PON) in Papua will take place in October 2021. It is known that the four-yearly national sports event will be held in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G. Plate said that the Ministry of Communication and Information has prepared support in the form of a media center and the implementation of public communications so that the Papuan PON will be more lively celebrated by all Indonesian people. Information content is very important to be prepared, specifically by spokespersons from each sport, the PON Executive Board to the media crew while covering XX Papua PON.

In addition, social media is now easier to access, even for a split second the media is always updated on information/issues that are happening. It is often a threat of Indonesian society, will spread the news hoaks considered divisive nation. The number of fake news circulating can also cause people to lose trust in the government.

As a good and wise Indonesian society, it is fitting for us to access information that has been proven to be true, so that citizens are no longer consumed by fake news spread by irresponsible people. Reading narrative content from trusted media can also avoid us from the threat of hoax news that is widely circulated.

Kominfo also encourages public participation in disseminating positive information in the midst of preparations for the implementation of PON XX, especially reporters need to convey accurate and enthusiastic dictions, cameramen need to display challenging and great sports angles so as to give pride to citizens. Indonesia.

The government also invites the public so that the digital space is not filled with hoax information , confusing news , fighting sheep, hate speech and criticizing each other. Therefore, before, during, and after the implementation of the XX Papua PON, it can take place optimally. 

As the purpose of holding PON XX, namely to unite the Indonesian people and interpret the differences that exist in our own country. Don’t let the actions of irresponsible people lead us to become a divided nation. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika must be preserved in the hearts of each Indonesian people.

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