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Beware of the Spread of Radicalism among the Young Generation


By: Mahesa Jenar) *

The public is shocked by the fact that the terrorism suspects are still young. The younger generation must be prevented from being contaminated by terrorism. Because they should work and work, not terrorizing many people.

Within a week, there were 2 surprising events. First, the bombing at a house of worship in Makassar. Meanwhile, the second, the shooting at the Police Headquarters. Both were carried out by terrorist members. After an investigation, it was discovered that the two bombing suspects were still in their 20s. Meanwhile, the suspect in the attack at National Police Headquarters is still 25 years old.

This really shook the community. Because so far, terrorism is synonymous with old figures, such as Abubakar Baasyir. It turns out that terrorism has spread to young people and is very dangerous, because they should be working hard. Instead of sacrificing her own life by becoming a bomb bride.

Why do young people want to be recruited into terrorists? First, at this time terrorist groups have used technology in carrying out their actions. They do recruit the younger generation through websites, chat platforms, social media, etc. So that young people will know what toghut, khilafiyah country, etc.

Once familiar with these terms, they will be “brainwashed” or influenced to obey the rules of terrorism groups. Young people are told that fighting enemies is cool and jihad will definitely go to heaven. In addition, the spread of radicalism by means of violence is also allowed, because the enemy has been made bloodless.

Teachings like this are certainly terrible, because they teach young people about sadism and extremism. The definition of a terrorist version of jihad is also wrong, because Indonesia is already independent, so there are no enemies. So that it seems that the enemy is made up, for political reasons.

If there are people of other ethnicities or other beliefs who are considered enemies, then they are wrong. Because the Prophet Muhammad alone preached very gently. Even the Prophet fed a blind man every day, even though he had other beliefs. this is a teaching full of compassion. Instead of scuffling with drawing swords every day.

To prevent terrorism from entering the younger generation, it can be done in this way. First, with a contemporary approach. Kompolnas (ret) Inspector General Benny Mamoto stated that preventing terrorism against young people must take a millennial approach. Do not make tens or even hundreds of pages of narrative. The language is also adapted to them.

To realize the input from the Inspector General (ret) Benny Mamoto, a National Peace Ambassador event was held. This event was specially created to invite all young people to love peace and have a high sense of nationalism. That way, they will stand firm and not easily influenced by the persuasion of the terrorists.

Second, the prevention of terrorism in the younger generation can be done by making video competitions. BNPT has made a video competition on the theme of counter propaganda of radicalism and terrorism for high school students. With the virality of the video, many other young people will become aware of the dangers of terrorism and radicalism, so they stay away from the group.

Meanwhile, the third, prevention of terrorism is carried out from home, especially the mother. The role of mothers is very important in approaching their children, so that they are willing to open up. So that if the child looks suspicious or is involved in a strange organization, the mother will see a distress signal and immediately withdraw her children from the activity.

The recruitment of terrorists to the younger generation makes us shocked because it turns out that there are already members of the group who are still in their 20s. Unfortunately, at their productive age, they are poisoned by their thoughts and want to attack the security forces and bomb public places. It is imperative to prevent the spread of radicalism among young people, so that they are not misguided.) * The author is a citizen living in Pekanbaru

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