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Community Supports Strict Implementation of Health Protocols to Prevent Covid-19


By: Febri Nizam )*

The Covid-19 pandemic has not ended in Indonesia, but the number of Corona patients has decreased and the transmission rate is starting to drop. The decrease in the number of patients is a great relief because the corona curve will soon slope and it is hoped that this disease will really leave Indonesia.

This means that we have passed the peak of the curve, aka the critical period due to the large number of Covid-19 patients. This positive progress shows the hard work of the government, the Covid Task Force team, and hardworking health workers.

Minister of Health, Terawan A. Putranto said, the Ministry of Health’s work program is oriented towards promotive and preventive efforts, promotional efforts are carried out through socialization and education activities around the implementation of 3M health protocols (wearing masks, maintaining a safe distance and washing hands with soap) which carried out in various public facilities.

Meanwhile, preventive efforts are carried out through the 3T strategy (Test, Trace and Treat), namely, deploying thousands of contact tracers in 10 priority provinces to trace transmission and close contact.

During the emergence of Covid-19 in Indonesia, the government has made various efforts to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic by strengthening various pillars such as surveillance, lab diagnosis, clinical management, prevention and control of transmission, risk communication and community empowerment, provision of resources and health services. essential. The strengthening of these points is in line with Permenkes No.13 of 2020.

Government efforts and steps to prevent and break the chain of the spread of Covid-19 in order to restore economic wheels and socio-cultural conditions are not easy to implement and can be resolved quickly.

Even though it has been done optimally, the government’s efforts are still being met with resistance from a handful of irresponsible people. The massive issue of hoaxes in the community that raises concerns and unrest will have an impact on the government’s lack of optimization in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bareskrim Polri revealed that there were 104 cases of suspected hoax spread related to the Covid-19 pandemic throughout 2020. These cases consisted of hoaxes of victims of death due to Covid-19, the spread of Covid-19 without any official information, and hoaxes of foreigners carrying the virus. The latest hoaxes currently concern the halalness and effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine.

This hoax made a number of parties worried and it would be difficult to end the pandemic, if many people did not want to receive the vaccination. The government has ensured that the vaccine production has gone through clinical trials in accordance with WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations, so that it is safe for distribution to the public.

The presence of a vaccine can be a solution to avoid Covid-19 virus infection and of course stop transmission. Actually, people will be familiar with vaccines, because since childhood, everyone has received vaccines through the immunization program.

It’s just that there are people who try to spread the hoax issue that the Covid-19 vaccine is not safe or even halal. The public must dismiss this untrue issue so that the pandemic will end soon through vaccination.

Therefore, together we fight hoax news and negative content around health protocol policies and vaccination through literacy, education and positive content shared by mass media lines around government policies against Covid-19 spreaders and returning to restoring the national economy. *

The author is a contributor to the Indonesian Strategic Information Study Institute (LSIS) Jakarta

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