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Covid-19 is still vicious, people must be aware


By: Edi Jatmiko) *

Opinion, suaradewata.com – We are still living the Covid-19 pandemic, but unfortunately some people have the wrong idea. They think everything is still fine, even though the number of patients is increasing. It is recorded that more than 2,000 people are infected with the Covid-19 virus per day. The public must increase vigilance so as not to contract Corona.

Indonesia is still in mourning because more than 160,000 people have been infected with the Covid-19 virus. Although the number of patient deaths is only 5%, the situation is still worrying, because the transmission rate is still high. Health workers are getting overwhelmed because they have to treat so many patients, and they still have to maintain their stamina so they don’t get infected too.

Unfortunately, the situation in the hospital is the opposite to that of the streets. On the asphalt, motorbikes, cars, and other vehicles are so closely spaced that it is difficult to apply the rules of guarding distance. There are people who do not wear a mask or the mask sags to the chin. There are also those who rely on face shields even though the most effective protectors are masks.

Likewise in markets and other public places, visitors are still crowded even though they have been warned to implement physical distancing. Even though there is a place for washing hands, rarely use it. This violation increases the potential for corona transmission and increases the number of Covid patients in Indonesia.

The low level of public awareness of the malignancy of the corona is sad, because the echo of the pandemic only existed in early 2020. Over time, people forgot that there was still the Covid-19 virus out there, then walked away without a mask. This attitude is annoying, because they seem to underestimate him. There are even people who think that corona is just a conspiracy theory.

It is better if the Covid-19 task force team can start again to broadcast about the number of patients and also the dangers of Corona via television and streaming on social media. Not to frighten, but the aim is to remind the public that Indonesia is still in a pandemic. Broadcasts can be done regularly, every day or at least 2 times a week.

If the public hears a broadcast from a spokesperson for the Covid-19 task force, they will realize and no longer be as careless as they used to be. Socialization about the importance of maintaining health protocols must always be broadcast. The goal is that people memorize and enter into the subconscious. They become aware and protect themselves from Corona attacks.

Lack of discipline in adhering to health protocols can also be countered by distributing free masks. In many places, the mandatory wearing of masks has also been put in place. People caught not wearing masks can be fined at least 150,000 rupiah or social punishment. There are also regions that ask for a fine of 1 ornamental plant pot, depending on the policy of the leader.

Why are masks so important? Because in addition to avoiding droplets, it can also protect the body. Especially if you work in an air-conditioned room. Corona can be transmitted through humid and dirty air, so be careful. Masks must also be worn clean and worn for a maximum of 4 hours.

According to Doctor Reisa Broto Asmoro, a new place is effective from the potential for corona transmission, when at least 70% of people there wear masks. So when you enter a place but rarely wear a mask, just turn around. Don’t get infected, because we don’t know what the true Covid-19 virus looks like.

Before leaving the house, make sure to bring a spare mask, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and disinfectant spray. Also bring bottled drinking water and also supplies, so you don’t get the potential for transmission from the food stalls. Don’t be embarrassed to look like someone who is too protective of yourself, because only we ourselves can protect from the dangers of corona.

When the corona virus has not left Indonesia, all people must raise awareness and obey health protocols. Always read news about Corona patient updates so you always remember that the pandemic has not ended. Maintain health and cleanliness and obey the rules of physical distancing when doing outdoor activities.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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