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Don’t be Careless , Anticipate the Mutation of the Covid-19 Virus with 5M Discipline and Vaccinations


By: Teddy Anwar (Citizen of Depok City)

One of the causes of the spike in Covid-19 cases in India is the presence of a new strain that has been mutated by the virus. Therefore, Indonesia must always be vigilant. This is because several virus mutations are suspected to affect the efficacy of vaccines, and even pass the PCR test.

Now the covid-19 virus that has mutated in India has entered Indonesia. The public is asked to be more vigilant, not to be exposed to this type of virus because it is known to be more virulent and difficult to handle. Maintain immunity, hygiene and adhere to health protocols. The goal is that we don’t get Covid-19 from any variant.

Even though the pandemic is not over yet, news has emerged of the double mutation of the Corona Virus in India. It is believed that the ritual joint bathing in the Ganges river that did not comply with health protocols was the cause of the 2 Covid-19 waves which claimed many victims. Multiple mutations make the Corona Virus much more contagious. The huge increase in the number of Covid-19 patients in the Hindustan country is referred to as the Corona Tsunami.

According to Doctor Dyah Novita Anggraini, multiple mutations occur because there are 2 mutations at once in 2 different places, but in the same virus. These multiple mutations, named E48Q and L452R, occur in a major area of ​​the viral spike protein. While the spike protein is a chart of the virus that is tasked with attacking the human body, so this type of virus is more dangerous than the usual Corona Virus.

The bad news is that this mutation of the Corona Virus has arrived in Indonesia, because there are Indian citizens who have already entered via the airport. The Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin revealed that currently there have been mutations (Covid-19) from India and South Africa that have entered Indonesia.

The Minister of Health also asked the public to immediately isolate when exposed to Covid-19 and to be disciplined in testing and tracing, because the mutation of the Corona Virus is claimed to be more dangerous because it is 2 times more contagious, no wonder it is called a double mutation.

Siloam Hospital doctor, S. Chandra explained that the symptoms of this type of Covid-19 are diarrhea, bluish hands and feet, rash, stomach ache, and brain fog. So when someone is exposed to one of these symptoms, immediately consult a doctor to minimize the impact of transmission.

In essence, we must further improve immunity and discipline by adhering to the 5M Health Protocol, because mutations of the Corona Virus from India have entered Indonesia. Don’t be careless at all, like forgetting a mask, even though you have been injected with the corona vaccine. Remember that the pandemic is not over and prevention is better than cure.

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