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Hajj Fund is Safe Even though the Government Postpones Hajj


By: Alfisyah Dianasari )*

In 2021, the prospective Indonesian hajj pilgrims will again cancel going to the holy land. This delay is disappointing, but what else? During the pandemic, traveling abroad is still very risky. People also don’t have to be afraid that the hajj funds will be tampered with, because the government has guaranteed its security.

Hajj is a pillar of Islam and all Muslims in the world want to do it at least once in their lifetime. No wonder during the hajj season, pilgrims always boom, even though they have to pay tens of millions of rupiah to go to Mecca, Medina, and other cities in Saudi Arabia.

But unfortunately in 2021 the world is still hit by a pandemic, so the number of prospective pilgrims is very limited. The reason is because of health and safety factors, and of course wanting to maintain health protocols and not create crowds. Instead of creating a new cluster, it is with a heavy heart that the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced to limit the number of pilgrims wishing to perform Hajj.

Prospective Indonesian pilgrims had hoped that in 2021 they would depart but in fact the government decided that this year no pilgrims from Indonesia were allowed to go to the holy land. This decision made many people shocked because last year it failed to go and this year it failed again. However, many are sincere and trusting because how else, there is still a covid-19 pandemic around the world so it is worrying.

If someone asks casually, where is the money for the prospective Indonesian pilgrims who failed to leave in 2021? So they should be ashamed to have asked, because it shows their distrust of the government in their own country.

Anggito Abimanyu, Head of the Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) stated that the funds for the 2021 Hajj pilgrims are safe and stored in Islamic Banks. This is in accordance with KMA 660/2021 regarding the cancellation of the departure of pilgrims for the Hajj 1422 Hijri / 2021 AD.

Anggito added that the funds for the prospective pilgrims amounted to 7.5 trillion rupiah. That much money is certainly safe to keep, especially in Islamic banks. So that prospective pilgrims do not have to be afraid of the risks.

The public is asked not to think negatively to the government, the ministry of religion, and all the organizing committee for Hajj in Indonesia. The reason is because they must be trustworthy and will not evade even 1 rupiah from the hajj funds. However, it is the congregation’s money and will not be tampered with for any reason.

So, don’t worry that the money will just evaporate, because if next year there is an opening for the Hajj pilgrimage for prospective pilgrims from Indonesia because the pandemic is over, God willing, those who are queuing from 2020 will be prioritized to leave. Because they have registered through official channels and followed the mechanism, before finally worshiping in the holy land.

The public also does not need to have polemics about money from prospective pilgrims. Indeed, the trillions of money are many and tempting, but they will not be channeled to other things until 2022. For example, they are used as investments, capital turnover, etc. The reason is because the congregation’s money is a trust, so it should not be misused even if it is only 100,000 rupiah. I’m afraid it’s not even lawful.

There will be no deviations like this, so people are expected to trust 100% of the government. What is the public’s money eaten or partially borrowed? Because the government already has a state budget and will not mess around.

Hajj funds from prospective pilgrims who canceled their trip to the holy land in 2021 have been safely stored in Islamic Banks. People are asked not to think negatively and suspect with various prejudices, but to trust the government to keep them in a safe place.

)* The author is a citizen living in Depok

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