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Investigators Luke Enembe Should Disband


By: Timothy Gobay )*

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe has cooperatively accepted the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in Papua. This is certainly a sign that it would be nice if all of Luke’s sympathizers who were closely guarding Luke’s house to immediately disperse and return to their activities.

Stefanus Roy as Lukas Enembe’s lawyer stated that Governor Lukas was willing to be examined by a team of doctors from the KPK himself also said that Luke’s family and supporters fully support the efforts of the KPK and an independent team of doctors from the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) to examine Luke’s condition at home. his residence.

            Stefanus also said that Luke’s family and supporters had fully supported IDI’s efforts to investigate, because the KPK was considered to have taken persuasive efforts so that the situation became conducive.

            On the other hand, Stefanus also considered that the presence of hundreds of residents in Lukas Enembe’s residence could actually worsen the situation. The inspection process can be hampered. If it is hampered, the settlement of Luke’s problem can be delayed.

            One of the residents of Doyo Sentani village, Jordan Yapo, admitted that he was a resident of Doyo Sentani. His party also mentioned that Luke’s openness should be appreciated.

            If Luke has opened up, what’s more, his house is guarded by hundreds of people. He also considered that Lukas needed to speak with his supporters to leave his residence.

            Meanwhile, Sentani indigenous woman Jenny Gesawer said that her party welcomed the attitude of Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe who was willing to be examined by the KPK. The settlement of the Lukas Enembe case is expected to make all activities in Papua run smoothly again.

            Yanto Eluay as the customary leader (Ondoafi) from Tanah Tabi in Papua, emphasized that the Papuan indigenous people support the KPK to investigate the alleged corruption case.

            Yanto asserted that currently he claims that all indigenous Papuan communities support law enforcement against Papuan children, whoever they are, who are indicated to have misappropriated state finances.

            According to him, the support was used to uncover the misuse of Papuan Special Autonomy funds by Papuan officials. In addition to support for the KPK, Yanto also hopes that the central government can pay attention to public services, which are currently hampered due to Lukas Enembe’s unwell condition.

            He also hopes that the central government can appoint officials to carry out public service tasks. So that Lukas Enembe can focus on restoring his health to face the KPK examination.

            Theo Litaay as the Main Expert of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) hopes that the Papuan people can respect all the legal processes currently being faced by Governor Lukas. According to him, now the government is trying to improve  good governance  both in Papua and throughout Indonesia. This is an effort aimed at improving a clean and authoritative government. For this reason, Theo hopes that the Papuan people can play a role in guarding the case to completion.

            Based on information circulating, as many as two calls were issued by the KPK to Lukas Enembe, but it turned out that he did not fulfill the calls at all and there was still no attempt to force a pick-up.

            Theo hopes that the KPK can conduct an in-depth investigation of this case so that the case can be handled fairly without any political elements.

            Previously, Aloysius Renwarin as Lawyer for Lukas Enembe confirmed that his client had received a summons from the KPK for the second time.

            Meanwhile, Papuan religious leaders have appealed to the people in the region not to obstruct all the processes currently being faced by Governor Lukas Enembe.

            Pastor Alberth Yoku said the alleged corruption case involving Governor Lukas Enembe was the personal responsibility of the number one person in Papua Province.

            According to Alberth as the Head of the Jayapura Regency Religious Communication Forum (FKUB), his party appealed to the public not to provoke the KPK in the legal process against Governor Lukas Enembe.

            Governor Lukas sympathizers pointed out that Lukas is one of the influential figures in Papua, so those who are loyalists of Lukas will immediately show attitudes or actions to protect their role models.

            However, the law must still be enforced, whoever is guilty must be processed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

            The period that disbanded from Luke Enembe’s house has shown an attitude of maturity in accepting reality.

            Lukas Enembe has received appreciation from various figures in Papua, because of his open attitude towards the arrival of the KPK, this of course will make Lukas respected because it has facilitated the investigation of him .

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Gorontalo 

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