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KAMI Want to Find Support for the 2024 Presidential Election


By: Siti Fauziah) *

Opinion, suaradewata.com – The KAMI declaration made by Rocky Gerung cs argued that he wanted to save Indonesia from adversity. However, the public thinks they are only seeking public attention. Also take advantage of that moment to increase popularity, so that later he can be elected when he is a candidate for president in 2024.

4 years before the next presidential election, people began to guess who would be the future leader of Indonesia. Many are predicted to become new candidates, because Joko Widodo has been elected twice and cannot run again. There are several national figures who have good electability in the eyes of the public and currently they are state officials.

Although the presidential election is still long, ambitious figures who want to become president are starting to spread charm. So when there is the KAMI declaration on August 18, 2020, people can read their mode, to increase popularity. Because they were once famous, but their names began to sink with the end of their tenure.

Many figures began to be intrigued to comment about US. As former President Megawati asked, why did KAMI not form a political party? Because in order to become president, of course you must have a political vehicle called a party. They also allegedly wanted to become president and gathered for political interests.

Meanwhile, political observer Denny JA stated that KAMI could give birth to a kingmaker in the next presidential election, aka there would be a presidential candidate from one or 2 members of the coalition. Indeed, there are rumors of new running mates in the upcoming presidential election, who are retired officers and daughters of former officials.

The US members are evasive when it comes to the presidential election. According to them, WE are a pure movement because their consciences are fluctuating to demand justice for the people. Not helping a new party as a tool to smooth out ambitions to become president. KAMI made 8 demands for the current government for the sake of the Indonesian people, not for political reasons.

However, no matter how clever their rejection is, people think they are only a mode so that their popularity will rise again ahead of the Presidential Election. KAMI are considered a political group because indeed many of our members have been leaders in well-known parties. They also understand politics and are good at taking advantage of opportunities.

WE took advantage of the moment of August as the month of independence to make a declaration. So the media immediately focused on it and the common people thought they were holding this event out of love for the country. US members take advantage of this opportunity to increase electability in the upcoming presidential election.

But when the news was broadcast, all that emerged was the hatred, demands and nonsense of KAMI members. The public was disappointed because the declaration had only political content and was full of blasphemous speeches, as well as a mode to be elected as a candidate for president of Indonesia. Without any real solutions to really save Indonesia from the effects of the pandemic.

The opportunity to become the next president is still somewhat difficult to have, because people tend to choose younger figures. In that sense, it is not people aged 60 years and over who will be nominated as presidential candidates, but politicians in their 40s. “Old” figures are considered to be in retirement age and are no longer attractive to become president.

The public also cannot be fooled by the stage-seeking action of OUR members. If you want to elect a presidential candidate, you will see your achievements. Not from its popularity. They can read a candidate’s track record from the internet and choose a candidate who is truly ‘clean’ and wants to advance Indonesia.

KAMI have the mode of wanting to save Indonesia, which they say is on the verge of collapse. In fact, they are just a group of figures who seek public attention, just like children. This collection is clearly politically charged and always slanders government policies.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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