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Maximum Government Maintains Food Stock Ahead of Ramadan


The government cooperates with all parties to maintain food stocks ahead of Ramadan. This step is expected to maintain the availability of food and price stability for basic necessities, so that it remains easily accessible to the public.

The holy month of Ramadan will soon approach us, therefore the Government guarantees the security of food stocks. Various kinds of policies have begun to be designed, ranging from certainty of availability, affordability to how to ensure food security until Eid al-Fitr later. For now, the Government will focus on several things for the realization of the draft.

Airlangga Hartarto as the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs said that the current government’s focus is on providing food production facilities and infrastructure and how to smooth market access so that it can be distributed to the public. Of course, the design is still not enough, but the Government must really have a very high commitment to achieve it.

One more important thing is that in order to achieve this, we absolutely cannot rely solely on the role of the Government, but all parties must also take part by providing collaboration and contribution. All in order to ensure the availability of sufficient food for the community and ensure the livelihood of many people.

For this reason, monitoring in various regions is also important, especially the Government must be able to distinguish between regions that are experiencing a surplus and which regions are experiencing a deficit. This is intended so that in the future appropriate and accurate action can be taken to help those who are experiencing a deficit.

Regarding the smooth distribution of food, the SOEs through the field of transportation and transportation must also continue to be optimized in order to ensure smooth access to the entry and exit of food, both by land and sea routes. It is also devoted to food access that enters the marine highway network so that the food distribution process can reach all regions and spread evenly.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo as the National Police Chief has also deployed the Food Task Force to be able to control how food supplies and prices are distributed in the community. All Regional Police Chiefs were instructed to immediately give directions to their staff to go to the field so that they can check the distribution of staple food in their respective areas.

If a number of disturbed food commodities are found in certain areas, they will be handled quickly. In addition, this check is also one of the anticipatory efforts for the scarcity of certain foodstuffs. Of course they will also immediately take action if it turns out that violations are found that might be carried out by regulators, operators and related business actors.

Monitoring and socialization will continue to be carried out by the Food Task Force so that there are no business actors who intentionally hoard stocks of certain foodstuffs to manipulate prices. Of course, this is to ensure that all people can access food during the month of Ramadan and even until Eid al-Fitr later.

In fact, the community will also play an important role in this because they are consumers. Therefore, the Government will continue to maintain the purchasing power of the people and adjust food prices to the community’s ability to continue to ensure stability between supply and demand. As a society, we can continue to support the Government’s efforts by increasing consumption diversification.

Various breakthroughs continue to be carried out by the government to maintain food stocks in the market, so it is hoped that various needs can be continuously accessed by the public. The public is also advised not to panic buying or buying goods in excess so that various goods can be enjoyed evenly.

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