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Obey the Government’s Rules when the Eid Holiday Backflown


The public is required to obey the rules of the Government and field officers during the return flow of the Lebaran Holidays. If everything is in order then we can drive smoothly and return without any obstacles on the road.

The government has given a fairly long Eid holiday for Eid al-Fitr in 2022, which is 10 days. After a vacation, the people of course immediately return and the flow always follows. Before the pandemic, backflow was something to fear because it was usually more congested than the homecoming flow.

To prevent congestion during the return flow of Eid, the public must obey government regulations. First, they must pay attention to the date when they return to their respective cities, because it must be adjusted to the car’s number plate. Everyone must obey the odd-even rule, because if the license plate does not match the rules that day, the officers will drive away.

The public is asked to obey when it is ordered in order to make the odd-even rule a success. Don’t get emotional when the officers drive you away because they’re enforcing the rules. Moreover, currently access to information is easy to see via gadgets, so you can see when odd car plates are allowed to drive on toll roads, and vice versa.

The odd-even rule is not enforced to make it difficult for the community, but is a way to break down traffic jams. Logically, if there is an odd-even license plate rule, the number of vehicles will decrease so that there will be no traffic jams during the reverse flow. Be patient and wait your turn according to the number plate.

Remember that backflow congestion is a disaster because it can cause a lot of losses. In addition to being tired on the road, when there is a traffic jam, many are easily emotional because of the heat and can’t wait to return to their city. Don’t let the traffic jam turn into an arena for mass brawl even though it’s just Eid and I’m sorry.

If there is a traffic jam, the driver will experience fatigue, not only physically but also mentally. Imagine if the driver was tired and then when the traffic jam finally subsided, he was so speeding to vent his emotions. The result will be very bad because it can trigger an accident. Therefore, do not underestimate the effects of congestion and obey the odd-even rule because it is enforced for the safety of the public.

The government also enforces a one-way rule. When the Kalikangkung toll gate is crowded, one way is implemented starting from KM 442 Bawen Toll Gate. This rule is made so that the community is more fluent in carrying out the reverse flow. It is necessary to be patient when there is one way, but it must not be violated because it will harm many parties.

When someone is determined to violate the one-way rule, many other drivers will follow. If this happens then the traffic jam will get worse. Everyone should understand that one way is made so that there is no traffic jam, because if it is not regulated, it will be chaotic. Don’t even blame the authorities, the government, or other parties and then grumble on social media.

In addition to obeying the rules during backflow, the public can take the initiative by looking at congestion points via the application. With monitoring via the internet, they can choose which route if there is no traffic jam, because the accuracy is almost 100%. Take advantage of technology as well as possible so as not to get stuck in traffic jams and obey government rules when the flow is back.

When the return flow is usually much denser because many villagers join to migrate to cities in the hope of finding better jobs. In order not to be confusing, all levels of society must obey the rules made by the government, such as odd-even and one-way. Rules are not to be broken, but must be obeyed to avoid severe traffic jams.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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