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PON XX Papua is Successful and Conducive, Proving Strong Unity


The XX 2021 National Sports Week (PON) event in Papua has ended for 13 days successfully and conducively with satisfying results where West Java Province is the overall champion. With the success of this event, it means to prove the strength of unity and integrity as a pluralistic nation.

This was conveyed by public policy observer Saiful in a virtual podcast initiated by ICF TV Channel, with the theme ‘PON XX Papua, Conducive Success Not Provoked by KST Action’, Monday, October 18, 2021.

According to Saiful, all components of the Indonesian nation and people are proud and give the highest appreciation for the success of the XX PON in Papua.

The success of PON XX Papua, said Saiful, contains a positive message and impression, namely the wise policy of President Jokowi which proves that Papua is not an underdeveloped area. Just imagine, the Lukas Enembe Stadium in Jayapura Regency as the PON venue is the grandest stadium in Asia Pacific which can accommodate around 40,000 visitors. With the best and modern design, the athletic track is also certified first class by the IAAF international athletic federation standard.

Still according to Bejo, another positive impression is that the XX Papua PON, has a big meaning in addition to increasing sporting achievements but also acting as a unifying tool for the nation and becoming a stage for unity, a stage for togetherness.

“We all know that the XX PON in Papua was held in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The agenda is 36 matches with 56 disciplines and 6,422 athletes compete for 681 gold medals. And thank God it was a success,” he said.

And last but not least, PON XX Papua is conducive and all elements of society at all levels are not provoked by irresponsible parties such as KST.
“We are all grateful to Mr. President for the policy policies with the successful implementation of the XX PON in Papua. To the National Police/TNI, the Ministry of Sports, BIN, the Covid Task Force, TV and Online crews and journalists, the Papua Provincial Government and all Papuan people for the success of the Papuan Pon. Hopefully in the future there will be sporting events both national and international in Papua,” he said.

Ferry Junaedi, Trainer of PON XX Papua for the Athletics of South Sumatra added that there are very good spirit values, that the Papuan people are very enthusiastic about welcoming and hosting a successful and conducive event.

“I feel very safe myself and the unity is visible, the people are friendly and the health protocols are strict and thank God it was a success,” he said.

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